Making someone fear me

Who would be a good entity to call on to make someone fear me, but not in a when they see me they are so scared they have a heart attack or something like that.

This person is in my life regularly but he can be a rather arrogant jackass and talks down to people a lot and doesn’t give a shit how it makes you feel when he’s pissed off. I want to make him fear me but not understand why he fears me and not so bad that it makes him have a heart attack or something else. A respected fear, so that he quits with the jackass bullshit he pulls. And no this isn’t my dad I’m talking about, it’s my landlord but also long time family friend.

Thank you in advance for all the advice, I make a lot of topics but sometimes forget to say thank you for all the knowledge shared on here.

Yourself, learn to manipulate your aura so that it feeds and flares the person’s fears, in this sense it’ll give you this scary vibe in their mind.

I believe the technique you are looking for is called “Mantling”. It involves, as Rungr says, manipulating your own Energy field so that it can accomplish the affect you wish to have on others or even a specific person. In this case a mantle of no so mild fear that would only affect your landlord.

Basically, create a charged layer of energy just beyond your shield before you deal with this person. It works best if you know a bit about the target, but Archetypal fear (something EVERYONE fears instinctually) can work as well. Charge that layer with the emotion you wish to instil in your target, and make sure it can reach out and touch the target´s energy field.

If done correctly, it should affect them the way you wish, though it may take some time to tweak it so so the level of affect is what you desire and not too much.


Tru i have read experieces, such, imagine yourself, in spines, spikes cover you. Ora demon behind you. To bath in amonia but peopls all peopls staw away from you. A ebook in amazon by caselius have a latin spell to fear you. U can google tat too. But u will scare all peopls just not him

Don’t want to a are all people and I don’t want to scare him so bad he freaks out, I just want to instill a level of respectful fear so he quits his arrogant shit that he pulls sotimes.

I’ll look at Mantling, I’ve heard of it before but never tried it.

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