Making of a magickal language

After looking at languages used in other people’s work I felt that I want something that sounds more “magickal” for my own rituals. Then I found this playlist on Youtube:

After watching some of the videos I decided to make my own sacral conlang, which I can use to make magick-y sounding rituals, mantras, hymns, prayers, have a complete alphabet for making sigils, talismans, and so on…

At first I wanted to channel my own Alphabet of Desire and put together a language that way, or just look at languages I think would be similar to what I’d like and borrow from them, but today I was driven towards making an alphabet. Can’t really remember how or when, I think it was in a video that I finally heard Elohim’s wife’s name: Asherah

After looking into her origins and connections, I found myself looking at Phoenician, Canaanite, and Sumerian pantheons, wanting to dig up every possible connection I can… that’s when I found a version of the Phoenician alphabet which reminded me of the Theban alphabet:

This inspired me to start working on something that became this:

…before going through iterations and me trying to experiment with Chaldean gematria, crafting sigils, adding symbolism to vowels and other stuff…

Yeah, I’m kinda messy and jump around - I wanted to shove planetary and elemental correspondences into the whole alphabet; we’ll see how that works out…

As for what my requirements were for the language (after removing some I didn’t deem important):

  • Right to left writing
  • Alphabet inspired by Shem-sigils, Mikmag, Theban, and Glagoljica
  • The language’s root words and some features borrowed from Proto-Indo-European, Vedic Sanskrit, Avestan, Sumerian, and maybe Enochian (I haven’t looked into the grammar)?
  • Sacral language with a focus on spirituality, deities, planets, elements
  • No gender like how German works
  • No sense of time, because for deities it works differently (no future or past tense)

Maybe I’ll adjust my list of requirements later, but iterating on this alphabet was fun! I wonder if I’ll end up using something completely different… :sweat_smile: At least I have all the sounds I want to have for the usage :grin:


I’ll continue with forming (and borrowing) some root-words from the languages I mentioned, and try to find a way to mark long vowels, using only 3 sounds seems too few to use…

Still, I want to put together a decent vocabulary - I copied the list from the Proto-Indo-European vocabulary’s wiki page, but it’s all words related to the everyday life of people in the bronze age…

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