Making multiple petitions to the same demon?

I’m using a multi-layered approach here, inspired by many posts before and @56cpdb last one in particular, I’ve used angels (AoO) so far to get to where I’m at right now on this matter. I want to continue but taking care of many different aspects, not micromanaging but, instead of making 1 big petition and shooting for the moon, my idea is to nudge reality one step at a time so that, at the end, I am where I intend to be.

I’ve been making a plan, point is some demons I would like to ask different things to them. I have had the experience of asking multiple things to the same demon during the same evokation, and I think that way things are not as focused.

I was planning to use DoM, and in the book is stated to keep the petition simple. If I need different things from the same demon, should I make different rituals to the same demon, asking for different things? Can I task the same demon with different things at the same time, I’m different rituals?

Thanks very much for your opinion!


If that what you ask is His specialization, I don’t see a problem. Only if for example you ask about some few amounts of money like 1000$, 2000$ 5000$ and so on.


Yes, is all inside of their specialization…


I’ve asked the Goetic spirits , Prince Orobas in particular to assist me developing Clairaudience and to help me find something lost and return it to me all in one evocation. Got both things I requested. I think @Kamsky is right about making sure the requests are within the Spirits sphere of influence and you should be good be good to go.



You’re not gonna like this virgospirit…

I have had success making multiple requests to single spirits. But, I have had WAY better success giving single, focused, clear requests to multiple spirits.

If you read DOM closely, (it took me a while to get this because of the way GW writes), he really stresses the contemplation component of crafting a request. Which it definitely sounds like you’re doing btw.

Usually, however, if I give it some time and let the situation percolate in my brain, my requests break down into multiple clearer and purer mini-requests (hence the layering approach). When that happens, I see what spirits I need to delegate out to.

For example, I know what Sitri’s powers are, but the one that Sitri seems to like to give me is the one about the sexual aura. So, that’s what I ask for. I know he has more, but he’s never used them on me?
I’ll go to Sallos for the pure relationship stuff.

Also, many of these powers that spirits have cannot happen in a vacuum.

So like two of Gremori’s powers are 1) to attract romantic affection from someone already in a relationship, and 2) cause great lust the next time you look into your target’s eyes.

Well, if your target is already in a relationship, do you really need the “romantic affection” request if you got them lusting after you?

I just read that to mean Gremori can make them want you and it doesn’t matter whether they’re in a relationship or not, but if they are, no probs.

That’s why that “lust in the eyes” thing is so dam potent imo.


I don’t see a problem with making multiple petitions to the same demon, although you might want to space them out over the course of a few days.

If you’re doing ritual 2 or ritual 3 from DoM you may as well go ahead and just do your best to have a conversation with the demon where you lay out your requests in one go. Depends on how easy the two-way communication is, though.


Nicely expressed, that’s where I’m at now! Multiple mini-requests, exactly. Point is, after breaking my wishes down into these multiple more focused, mini-requests, some of them are for the same demon. To transform them into only 1 request would be to make it too vague or general, and as you said GW stresses the importance of crafting the request.

I would say I have this experience too. If I list multiple requests to a single demon on the same evokation, I somehow give more importance to 1 or 2 requests than to the others, that somehow feel less important, and only the main 1 or 2 come to pass.

Ok, great example. Imagine you want to ask Sitri to give you a lustful aura. But you want to ask him to inflame someone specific with passion for you too, and for that someone to finally yield to the temptation. Would it make sense to ask all this on the same request? To make 3 different rituals for it? To ask Sitri only to give you a lustful aura and to ask someone else to get your person horny for you, and not Sitri?

I was going for the second option, just not back to back rituals, but sandwitched between others (to follow the example: After asking Sitri to get the person all lusty, let’s say call on Dantalion to think or feel X thing of me, and then Sitri again for the next thing).

I’m putting so much care on the crafting of the requests and the approach I’ll follow with each and every one of the demons than I’m afraid I’ve crossed the line and feels a bit like OCD :sweat_smile:

I’ve seen you mentioned Gremori several times so I’ve added her to the list, really curious how that will work out!

Thanks a lot for the layered approach post btw, I was on it when you wrote it and was very useful. Specially the part of Viné and Belial, you mentioned them to me before once but I somehow associated them more with difficult baneful situations in which you have to overpower your targets. Silly me, their powers are most applicable in situations love related too, when even being there a good relationship, the other person have resistance or some barriers against being romantically involved with you for some reason. I’ll see how it goes.

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I’ll be doing ritual 2. I’ve had the book for quite some time and felt some kind of laziness towards working with it. Tried before and I didn’t feel like I was doing magick, so I continued with my basic sigil gazing, that has worked great so far.

But I’ve studied DoM with care lately, memorized the ritual and feel really drown to it now. I’ll see!

I can’t hear anything… I get strong feelings and hunches, not sure where my mind ends and the demon’s starts. So I don’t think I’ll have a full blown conversation with it but can communicate to a certain extent… to clarify things during the ritual makes sense too!

That makes sense, I’ll sandwich them between demons :sweat_smile:

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Those two will definitely get in on the love thing too! :rofl:

Re: Sitri…that’s just my experience. I know many here and elsewhere have used his powers for more direct seduction. I found Sitri for my personal aura and Sallos/ Gremori for the lust w/in others to be a powerful combo though. Could be just me and the way I interact w/ them…

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Looks like I’ll be using the heavy guns then :joy:

I’ve always had paralysis by analysis, so I’m spending too much time planing and I’m not jumping to the evokation… I think I’ll start today with Belial/Viné and continue with the rest. I’m still using Angels of Omnipotence too, probably will use them to improve myself. Will be busy :sweat_smile: