Making money from my app sales

I made an Air Hockey app and I need money from it . I put the app for sale on the play store for 0.99 . I already tried asking Duchess and Clauneck to make me from my previous apps but that didn’t work so should I ask Mercury to help me make money from it by making people buy it ? If so how do I contact a god ?

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Evocation is pretty direct(;

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Not exactly what you are looking for here it is.

Do this for few moments and then think about what you should do next.
It has given me insights on some topic.

How he doesn’t have a sigil ? And it’s not like I could print it out right now . I thought it was like saying his name and asking him to bring you revenue from something ?

Business hat on here.

Why do I want to play and pay for your app out of the other many free air hockey apps available?

What makes it stick out from the rest?

What makes it different?


A lot of the other apps have a bunch of things you have to do to get in the game . Some are too large so they can’t really be played on old version phones . You don’t have to worry about your storage being eaten up by 1 single app . Literally as soon as you press play game your playing the game .

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Make a sigil then, using the rose cross method for example.
Then as @Ozraga says you app will have to offer something special, having luck in some works is Linda like winning the lottery, your product must stand out and offer morr then any other pay app or the free apps.

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Well that is a pluss.

Did you put that in it’s desription.

Is it PVP or PVC and can it be played off wifi?

Putting these things on your desription of it might help.

Also is there a rewords system for continued use or recomending it to an other person? Things to think about.


Any sort of multiplayer where you can play against friends is a good option but surely tricket to make.
Free game can be a good thing and work with some ingame purchases insted (hate it personaly but that brings more money then selling the app). For your game ingame purchases could be different skins, different courts to play on, put some sirt of obstecals in the court that will change behavior on the puck, powerups, you name it.

How to do that ?

It is PVP only and it can be played without wifi

You start with making a circle on the first letter in the name, then start a lime that connects to the rest of the letters in the order they come. Usually you stop the lime with a diagonal line on the last letter.
Thats one way of making a sigil


I don’t know how to get that rose cross .

Is there any other goetic demon that could help ? Or can I do something different with duchess bune or clauneck ?

Can I use both Duchess Bune and Clauneck ? And what demons can help me attract a lot of users ?

You only use the cross as a backround to see where the letters are it will not veva part of the final product.
Print the cross and put a paper over it and trace the sigil.

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here goes the illuminati thread again? :smiley:

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Huh ?

Ask Lord Ganesha, there are lots of videos with his mantras on Youtube.

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Okay so far I don’t have a single sale and Clauneck said that I would start to see the sales role in today . I DO NOT want to spend a whole bunch of time waiting because this is urgent. So should I ask Bune ? Or ask Lucifer to ask Clauneck ?