Making magic with Abremelin squares and my experience

One year with my ex, can I, all I want is not to die, She works very fast, sometimes even the same day she wants to come true, My goal is to do for love, I’ll want it to be with me for 1 year, I just want no bad scenarios, I don’t want to sacrifice anything to anyone, I made simple rituals invitations so I didn’t have too much trouble.

Today I opened the square and visualized a pack of cigarettes. For some reason, my father, who did not allow me to smoke, gave me money and said buy me and himself cigarettes.

Really exciting and simple but very powerful My goal was 1 pack of cigarettes now I want bigger things, But what I hear makes me more scared whenever I talk about a love spell, People here say love spell is very dangerous and can kill a person, Someone who has already experienced this in a previous location, Seriously my friend I don’t even want my enemy to die because of me, You could teach me how to cast magic without harming anyone. :heart:

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I talked to a woman doing simple love rituals and asked if I could take a ritual from her and empower it with the energy of another being.She said that much worse things will happen if I do this.I really want that girl but I’m afraid she’ll get hurt, I never want her bell to burn.