Making dreams a reality

I am afraid of living my life and dying as a normal/mediocre person, who hasn’t achieved much or contributed much to this world. I’ve dreams of setting up a veterinary hospital, a disabled shelter for animals and a wildlife rescue center, in the future, together with being extremely rich. If I were to work extremely hard and utilize magic, would I be able to attain my goals or would I end up as another ‘dreamer’ who hasn’t achieved shit. I fear, not making my dreams a reality and living a life of regrets. I hope it didn’t sound like a rant.

My advice is to start taking practical steps towards achieving your goal. Stop dreaming - start doing. I used to be the same when I was a teen/ in my early 20’s. I had so many dreams and ideas, but not enough discipline. But then I decided that if I was ever going to achieve my goals I would simply need to start taking action.

Start planning, thinking about how you can realistically achieve your goals. Maybe you could start by volunteering at an animal shelter for example.

Another thing is just always do your best in every situation, I mean I’ve taken a few wrong turns in life and fucked a few things up but I was always trying to do what I believed was best, to the best of my abilities and knowledge at that time, so all I can ever regret was not knowing then when I do now, and that’s not really a regret - that’s called growing up.

That is an awesome perspective. Sometimes my own appetite for adrenaline has flung me into some interesting circumstances, but as long as you are operating on the principles she has outlined I think I would agree that you cant habe regrets. Take joy in the pain or pleasure of the lessons you learn.

I agree with Akasha. Start doing. And don’t stop. The only limits are the ones we set for ourselves.