Making contact with my Incubus

I been thinking about making contact with my Incubus tomorrow night during the full moon. What is some good advice for making contact?

You may address him, asking for a name and opening yourself to subtle impressions. Try to perceive the incubus, if perhaps is in some spot of the room, and which one; how he looks like.

So I tried to make contact last night and while I was perceive, I don’t remember anything in my dream.

As you’re awakening, try to “fixate” your memory; and, from Introduction to magic by the Ur Group: “Wanting to remember pushes memories away. What needs to be done is to attract memory, invoking it without desire, loving it. For the same purpose, it is necessary to awaken from sleep spontaneously, not due to noises, and much less due to the presence of somebody else in your room. The memory is also facilitated by a slight scent of musk, rose, or Florentine iris.”