Making a universal circle of evocation

So I got a wild hair up my ass. I have had a nagging feeling telling me to make my own universal circle. I got some pictures of EA universal circle and I used vinyl and spray paint to make it and it looks amateur as hell, but the nagging feeling is gone. Do you think it’ll work? I mean image a whirlwind of spirits telling me it’ll work fine… I just remember somewhere that the symbols and circle had to be PERFECT, but EA has also said that too much focus on making it just right can detract from the magick. I’m a little confused.

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Well E.A.'s Universal Circle from what I can see uses his own Symbols. As a Magician you ultimately want to cultivate your own private symbol usage which you can term your “Alphabet of Desire.” This is the reason you make everything your own, because the magick becomes your own.

When making it all your Thoughts/Urges, etc should be natural in that you should spontaneously act because it has power deep within the core of your unique self. If you spend all your time hesitating, then it isn’t right with you, or you have not learned how to vibe with certain things yet. But hesitating and feeling uncomfortable is also a part of learning new things in magick, where those who have learned all of a sudden find themselves comfortable with certain concepts and then can begin to be natural.

I continue to get lessons, sometimes daily, from my spiritual guides that the tools don’t matter. It is the Strength of the Intention and Will of the Magickian that makes it work.

Just yesterday, I created a circle upon my apartment floor with nothing but my own Intention and Will projected through my fingers that opened a powerful gateway.

Project your Intention into that circle and Know, I mean really Know, that it is Powerful in Your Service.

Feel free to use whatever ritual actions resonate with you to carry that Intention.

Think of it this way: a King expects his orders to be carried out regardless of whether he’s wearing his crown … or his pajamas.


I am probably giving away to much, but you never thought of adding and mixing other ingredients into the paint?

There are some really old posts on here where people made the UC & Circle of Pacts for themselves, here’s one thread about it: Share Your Circle of Pacts - there are also plenty of references to people tracing the UC in their own blood, whether it’s one they made or bought, so you’re not away with the pixies thinkiing of this! :wink:

The thing I think should be kept in mind is that the circle much like the triangle are there for the magician and not for the spirit. It’s for you to have something visual to anchor your intent. Of course one could make your own but there’s something about having a piece of art with your favorite artist’s blood sweat and tearsput into it, in the case of Koetting’s UC the metaphor is literal. Cheers!

Only if it is your most favorite artist. Think of it like getting married to them =)

Well, I think they’re machine-washable, if not!

Billy Brujo on Youtube recently did a tutorial on crafting your own magical circle.

Is there a link to it?