Making a “sigil” from other sigils?

I had a question. Does there exist any known “template” that multiple sigils can be applied to, to make them all work together synergistically? I’ve seen examples of sigils that include multiple sigils, but I was not sure if there was any formal process to it.

I had a plan to combine multiple digits together, for the purpose of lucid dreaming/astral projection. Thanks in advance for replies!

As far as I am aware, there is no template. It is generally done according to the creativity and intuition of the magician.


Ah, I thought so, but just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

It’s always wise to know the energy of the individual sigils first before combining them though, so that you can weed out any that don’t mesh. Just because a sigil is for a goal, does not mean it is compatible with another sigil for the same goal.



There are websites that make them based on your text entered, it’s not so much a template but it is more of if you don’t feel like doing extra stuff. Even combining names of various spirits to form one sigil.


This may be along the lines of what you’re asking (“Sigil Shoaling”):


In my experience, you don’t need a template for doing this. Putting multiple sigils together in any formation for any purpose is called making a seal, and doing so can make a very powerful, long term symbol. Honestly, the best way to make one is to put the symbols together in whatever way feels right. The organization that you feel drawn to is your own intuition guiding you to the best arrangement to get the sigils synergistically working.


I’ve been wondering the samething but with Pentacle’s and Seal’s i was thinking of Adding Ose and Marbas’s names to the 2nd Seal of Mercury instead of the Usual names that are on it. Was wondering if that would make it easier to work with the two spirits at the sametime.