Making a pact with Hekate - serious stuff proof first hand

Full of Fury I have decided to share what I know about how to invoke or evoke Hekate. Back in 1995 I did called her and the way I did it was so good that I said to myself, I must share this to some other people who are serious and willing to call upon her also and make a pact and also by the same occasion do a wide experience. Being overwelmed by toxic energies in the past2-3 days, since I no longer am hooked on the collective human consiousness anymore ( I have flushed it ) I am not affected by what could go wrong here or detect bad.

Those who are interested in making a pact to her, msg me private. The method will have to stay private and no end up public on the comment section of the forums. Thanks


Due to personal reasons this post is claused ( CLAUSED )

thats a shame, but even tho this is the case blessings to you brother.

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I am new here & saw your post first, even though it is a year old. I am not sure how to message privately, so I apologize. I’ve been wanting to work this this Goddess for awhile now & have done many pulls with all signs pointing to her, had many dreams, & see 333 daily almost. So if you could please send me a message with you way to envoke Hekate I would very much appreciate it. I believe the dreams are me being reached out to, however all the books I have read do not really specify on how to truly get the attention of Hekate. I will sign an NDA or a Truth Contract aka will only put it in my book of castings & never post or share. I hope you see this & get back to me. Thank-you

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be glad to help. if you answer this message we could start real soon. I can reveal a lot about her.

I shattered my phone into a million pieces last night and can barely use it, I’m not seeing how to message you, but I’m very interested!