Making a new youtube channel

Hey everyone. I have made this channel and would like for y’all to check this out. I’m planning on uploading my personal gnosis and connections with deities and magical techniques that are not very well known regarding an art I have made myself. Would love ideas regarding what you all would want as well.

May the infernal divine be in your favour.


Most of the beginners like me are don’t know about the basics and how to apply any magic without messing with the spirits. You may make some series tutorial for beginner’s who will learn about basic spells or sigil magic.

This is just a suggestion from my side. If you consider this then ofcourse i will learn a lot from your tutorial. Thanks in advance.

listen at around +0.57 when hes talking about that book. Spooky.


If you have subscribed to me then don’t worry I’m gonna be uploading tutorials regarding that soon. Currently I’m also planning to make a banishing tutorial that I have made.

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