Make your magick more powerful using planetary hours

Use the planetary time day and hours to cast your spells. There’s this free astrology app called “TIME NOMAD” for the apple IOS. ipad or iphone. Tough luck for those who have android phone. They don’t have that version. It’s considered one of the best free astrology app. I don’t use the astrology part but I love the planet hours information. It makes it easy to do your planet hours calculation as it’s done for you. You don’t have to manually calculate the exact time.

I don’t use the other parts as i don’t do western astrology. It’s quite useful for the planet hours. Check it out. I know that the 44 solomon seal use these planet hours for casting. You can tailor the time of casting to type of spells that is connected to certain planets too. Each planet represent a category. Money spelll are with jupiter. Love spells are with Venus, etc… So doing magick on those days and hrs will give it more umph!!! Remember, each day is associated to each planet and each hours is associated to each planet as well. So if u want to do magick for money. YOu would choose thursday as thursday is jupiter day and then you go check the hours for jupiter hour. Then you cast spell in the planet day and planet hour for that extra umph!!

And for those who knows western astrology. It’s a good app for such.

If u don’t have iphone then you can search for planetary hours in the play store. i’m sure they have some apps for planet hrs too.



I will be downloading. Thank you!

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I got tired of trying to calculate the planet hrs manually so i found that. lol Makes it so much easier to figure out the correct hrs since planets don’t use 60mins but uses time base on sunrise and sunset.

If u want more power , then you would include the full moon cycles too which you can find using a full moon calendar.

Here’s a android app that gives the planet hours.



I don’t have an android lol :joy:

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then use the better app for the iphone. I have iphone too. The little guy. It’s more study tool then phone. i hardly use it as phone. llol. No important people in my life. haha. THey all fake and i got rid of them. Not counting family blood members.

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for those who cannot download the app

here what ive been using.

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