Make way ! Make way for King Paimon

Wow just got done with my first work with King Paimon.

Everything that’s said about his power and Majesty is true.

I made offerings of water and wine to him. The candles flickering was strange and soon I was in trance. I found myself in meditation listening to his enns and suddenly I stood by a stream and there was old, wise king Paimon alone. I could hear bells or cymbals in the background. He led his camel to water and plucked smooth stones out of the river to skip across the surface. While he skipped stones he spoke to me. It was all I could do to listen transfixed on his soothing way and watching the circles in the water from the stones
He assured me that id receive the knowledge I was asking for soon.

After this my whole bodies temperature is hot it feels like I’ve been standing in the sun all day. I got up to go get a cigarette and when I returned I found the heat had not yet dissipated.

This is a wise, and powerful king. Soft spoken but with poise and grace. Thank you for your audience and assistance King Paimon. I am very grateful to you.