Make someone feel regret


My soon to be ex-wife is being a real pain in the ass with letting me have my kids on the weekends, because I’m “not committed”(I missed a parent teacher interview) she’s been horrid the last few years, including sleeping with the best-man at our wedding.

I want her to be filled with regret and to feel the wrong she’s done. Is there a demon you all would recommend to help me with this? I’m still very green at Magick so, basically causing a sigil to flash, hearing sound and seeing brief lights is as far as I’ve come.

Thank you in advance.


I’d recommend the book Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield. One of the Angels in that book specifically cripples your target with regret for whatever it was they have done to you.


@Mika thank you!

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Hey @Srobb1 did u get the book … How did you working go ?

Hey sorry for the late ass reply. I did get the book, some stuff is in the works and I can’t really confirm anything. So far anyway.

My personal opinion, go to Pyrichiel, & use his 3 servant’s as described in The book Demons of Wrath!!

I’m so sorry she’s doing this to you…I wish nothing but the best for you

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I can understand . I was wondering if I could use some spells from the book .

i actually just saw a video on youtube saying 5 demons to say the fuck away from and he is one of them… i am not sure why tho

You can use demon Furcas to make her feel guilty