Make persons sell me their apartment and leave

I sold an apartment above where I live, lately those persons has been causing a lot of troubles. Which demon can help me get me my apartment back and make them leave and let me live in peace.

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I am new but attracted towards demons.
Any Demons for this use case, I am thinking Seer to make them sell the apartment above to me and leave OR should I first make them suffer and then make them leave.

Make daily rituals to Belial, Lucifuge, Leviathan and Beelzebub so that you open the portals to sithra ahra. The demonic will take care of the rest. Beside do an exact copy of the appartement you sold, make out of carton or wood and say every day a statement of what you want. You can have puppets of the inhabitants with some personal stuff from them what they throw in the garbage and even their pics as heads. Have fun


cool, sounds good to me.

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Is there any reason that you can’t just evict them?