Make people do anything you want - Manipulation Layered Spell

I can’t wait to give this a go!

Like Code Geass.

@anon20147451. I love you. (Nor physically)!!
but. Thanks for the Post

I’m also very interested in this. Are evocations much more powerful than petitions?

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Well, you would be sure of yourself if you successfully evoke any spirit instead of just petitioning.But both can work just fine.

What is interesting is how someone like King Paimon isnt included in this.


I was thinking the same thing. Orias sounds awesome, though.

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Just gave this a try, I envoked each entity one by one and now im all jittery. I guess i used a lot of energy by summoning them. I first envoked Belial to remove any blockages my target had, then Sallos for love, Dantalion for contact, Gremory for obsession, and finally Rosier for myself to make me love myself more and forget my target, which in turn will let the envocations work :love_you_gesture:t4: Ill let yall know how it goes eventually


What’s the difference between Sigil gazing method and full evocation?

Belial with Ram’s Horns? I’ve never seen that…Does it have anything to do with the Constellation of Aries?

I started having an orgasmic feeling when Queen Seere came in. She’s really so good, not to mention gorgeous :joy::joy:

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sigil gazing is simply gazing at a sigil until it activates. For me a sure-fire way to know it activates is if you can feel that it’s no longer lines on a paper. You can feel the same power that emanates from the name of the spirit you are trying to reach in the sigil itself.

Full evocation is where you conjure a spirit before you to actively converse with it.

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Oh, so the magician is supposed to do one or the other? I have been doing both for each ritual I attempted…

doing both is recommended actually.

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Why isn’t Paimon here?