Make non functional family more functional?

how to sweeten the relationships in the family?

it’s about semi-normal family which members are not cooperating between themselves. there have been long term arguments and disputes, mostly petty things, but difficult people.

the result is that granny doesnt have enough money to feet herself, but her 4 children are not talking to each other and it makes my girlfriend, who is her grandaughter giving her money constantly.

so, i see that the best thing to do is to somehow sweeten the relationships.

plus, there are definitely lies being told. so we also need a force to clear this mess up.

maybe i take some photographs… some honey…

maybe some particular entity?

and what would be the color of gentle family love?

things like caring, support and such stuff.

if red is passion… what would be this? pink?.. i don’t know if pink would be good. brown?

slightly bluish?

i’m totaly lost on this one. help!

well you could use a blue colour for stabilisation, red will mess up with the sisters, pink is more romantic, maybe to summon some distant family ancestors to clear things.Make something that will reunion all family, maybe visualising cord that is around all members of the family and than start to constrict that cord untile they are all beside each other…

i have some sort of deja-vu on this post…

My lovely Lady Hathor can help with this kind of thing, her colours are turquoise and teal, those kinds of gentle warm-but-serene blues. We have a lot of that, and minty greens, in our home as a deliberate nod towards her and her powers of increasing family and domestic harmony!

Call her Thursday, Fridays or weekends, she enjoys all those “end of week, let’s party/relax” days, her details and image on her Wikipedia page are sufficient for a beginning of contact - the Egyptians valued uniformity in their sacred art, so a replicable jpg would have enchanted them! :slight_smile: