Make magic in a group meet mentally

I will start by apologizing because I use a translator, I hope it is understood.

I’m still new, and inexperienced, but I still want to make a proposal, to see what comes up.

I saw that a partner was looking for someone who lived nearby to do a ritual together, it sounds interesting. But I hardly have anyone nearby.

On one occasion we did this in a forum of THE MAGIC OF PSYCHOTRONIC POWER, and I also did a tentative test with 2 friends. I tell you both experiences.

  • The first was to create a MENTAL PLACE that was visited by those interested in which interesting spaces were created, for example “a waterfall of health”. We were going to visit this site with variable frequency, about a week, and since it was our place of power we were mentally recharging it.
    On another occasion we planned a global goal together (forgive no more details) and it was completed in 2-3 weeks, I believe, imposing all our shared desire.
  • The practice I did with 2 friends was to be mentally in a dream, each one would carry an animal and an object, and then we would comment. It was only once, but fun and with some satisfactory results.

Has anyone practiced something similar?

Can someone interested propose something?

Waiting for your comments


Interesting experiment :slight_smile:

I didn’t try that before but would love to learn more about it. How was the result ?

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the overall goal was met quickly in 2 or 3 weeks. We chose a good thing to do to society, which did not involve any of us personally.

The other did not experience very substantial changes, except a beneficial feeling of being “on the road” and well-being.

To stay in the dream was more like guessing what animal and object the other person had chosen, mentally relax and try to enter ALPHA mode, and there program the clock, for example at 3 o’clock in the morning and meet in the park agreed carrying an animal and an object.
When you wake up you try to concentrate on the mental meeting of the dream and see what animal and object the others carried.
There were coincidences, but not 100% correct

You can propose something that you want to do :smiley:


Amazing I really love that !

Unfortunately I’m not good at “astral projection” so probably I will end up lost somewhere in the dream asking people for directions :joy:

But I will sure think of something else… I don’t know yet what it could be, I will update you when I think I found a good idea.

Good work :+1:


Thanks for your enthusiasm!

It seems that nobody else is encouraged at the moment.


I think many here would love to join but probably they’re not familiar with the concept, at least this is the case for me. While we’re waiting for the rest you can enjoy your stay and share whatever you have in mind about magick. Questions, thoughts…

I can feel you have lots of wonderful ideas from your practice :grinning:


I’d be interested. I’ll think over some ideas and check back after the weekend to see other’s desired goals and outcomes.

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