Make a Wish Foundation

If there’s anything I’ve learnt in my little, inexperienced and noob practice…It’s that you shouldn’t use demons as your personal make a wish foundation. There. I said it.

I used to do the mistake of practicing magick only when I’m desperate or need something. And that too was half assed. How did I get this realisation? I got into a relationship with someone who treated me the same way. Would contact me only if I was any use to her. I realised how frustrating, mentally draining and pissed off I can get by experiencing that.

With all that being said, try to build solid relationship with demons you contact. Don’t abandon your practice once the job gets done and come back to it when you need something again.


Good pointers so what demon do you think gets the least amount of praise respect or gratitude?

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I am not sure about the specifics of demon’s who get the least respect, sorry.

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Was just thinking I’d befriend the one who needed the friend. Just befriend them and not send them on missions only ask for there help with things related to enightenment and wisdom.