Major issues regarding the power dynamic of the relationship

Let me preface this by saying I am a complete and total novice. I have experience but in regards to spirit work I don’t exactly know what I’m doing and I’ve learned that the hard way. Years ago I jumped into this and just expected everything to go according to plan when in reality my life has just sort of went to ruin.

I’ve been working with Belzebub and Belial. I can somewhat hear them some of the time, but otherwise during evocation, I’m not doing right, clearly if I was they would physically manifest before me and that has yet to occur. I know genuine magicians who summon spirits and if you’re doing evocation right they will be as real as a person to you or me before you. They told me I was doing it wrong even. They do show up though and we have our arrangements I just have a hard time comunicating. Heres the issue.

I jumped into this with no idea what I was doing. While now I know far more I still don’t. Belial when he approached and he did approach me I didn’t go to him, asked me for control. You can see where this is going. We signed a pact and I gave it to him. A pact is a relationship that’s what differs it from a regular task or agreemnt. Youre entering into something serious with the spirit far more long term than a normal handshake.

Unfortunately it’s starting to get to the point where he’s starting to take advantage of me. He’s outright demanding. He’s trying to become an authority. He won’t listen to reason and he tries to dictate every little thing I do. He’s straight up told me he has no respect for me and is trying to force me into a sort of spiritual slavery for him with nothing in return. He’s made multiple threats and won’t release me from this agreement. he made it clear that “i don’t have a choice”. He told me I would never receive his respect so not to bother. He expects me to treat him as an authority as a master of divinity as someone forced to bow down, and that is just not what I agreed to, he knows that. He’s taking advantage of my wording. I had Azazel pop in one day who told me what I promised him was stupid and a huge mistake and he scolded me accordingly and I still have to work with him on that in ways I can’t talk about here.

I am sort of desperate at this point. I wouldn’t be here making a fool of myself admitting my inexperience and embarrassment if I wasn’t desperate to get out of this situation. It’s taking a terrible turn and I just can’t do this anymore. It’s the first time I’ve had a real “fuck magick I’m done” moment.

Thanks for any help you guys can give. If your going to scold me I promise I have heard it before.


Thanks for joining the forum. Welcome. My thread is full of links to different info on here.

Sounds to me like he is trying to get you to stand up for yourself and quit taking crap from people. That is unless you have yourself an imposter who is messing with you. I suggest doing some research on Belial and imposters then decide what your next step should be.


I doubt it. He’s commented on that. But its gotten to the point to where I’m literally screaming at him and he’s still pushing in this manner. He’s started altering my mind in a way to abide by this. It’s not about confidence I’ve been tested that way before. He’s also flashed his sigil in my head. It’s not an imposter.

I appreciate it though.


update: I did an evocation of Belial today much to his displeasure. I used writing, talismens, and proper protection. I’ll keep this thread updated if anything happens. He told me he did what he did not because he was trying to get me to stand up for myself or because he was trying to teach me anything. But rather because he saw an opportunity and took advantage of me because it was “easy”. We should be fine for now, but I’ll keep you updated.


Hmmm man. Yeah.

That wording reminds me “saw an oppertunity and did it because it was easy”. It’s a rough lesson. That’s why Narcissists are drawn to Empaths I reckon. Religion is crap, most of us can agree. RHP is only a step above. Human power is more readily acessed but we are to still believe ‘we know nothing’ and that a God (or divine will) is supreme and we must aspire to be servants and ‘let divine will’ be done.

So then you have overly-righteous, overly-loving, overly-giving people and their frequency is just screaming to be balanced by a user with too much dark energy. The lesson we can take away from this is to not be submissive to ideologies or people.

This lesson has come to you in a challenging way. Maybe try to think of this as a test of your power, for yourself. Like a challenge to enjoy. If this really is Belial… well what are you getting out of this? If your relationship with him is actually detrimental then you could do without it. Like… I doubt he’d be doing this purely for the reason cause it’s fun. I doubt that. I say treat him as an imposter. And perhaps, stop giving him your attention and start working with other entities and see how that goes?


thanks. appearently “this was a test and you failed it” was the answer i received. not gona act like the damage hasn’t been done tho.

He keeps confusing me on what’s going on. Lying to me about what’s happening. I’m starting to think it’s actually Beelzebub since Belial indicated to me that they are infact the same entity. I’ve tried everything. Lashing out, Showing respect, deleting my posts saving my posts, I don’t know what to do.

I tried banishing him and he just won’t go away. E.A koetting said that if you are not careful demons will try to make you their slave and that is exactly what is going on here. He won’t let me take off the fuking shoes if you know what I’m talking about.

I’m in total despair.

he keeps trying to force me to worship him and I think I need help but because of how he is fuking with my head I have no idea what I’m going to do.

You are sure it is not an imposter? This reeks of some low level entity trying to take advantage of you. Maybe you should look into finding all the different banishing techniques you can find and see if you find one that works.

It was infact an impostor. I settled things with belial and it turns out I am under a fairly nasty curse I am doing my best to get rid of it. I can’t pretend it didn’t damage our relationship even if he understood why it occured.

I didn’t think Belial would act in such a way. Maybe he can help you break the curse. I’ve read some treads on here about breaking curses. You may find some useful information.

I’ve taken care of it and am continuing proper measures but thank you.

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