Major illness after calling Lucifer?

Hello there!

I just wanted to know if some of you experienced the same.
I called in Lucifer I think it was on Sunday. What happened is that I woke up Monday with mild symptoms that turned into a full illness on Tuesday with fever and inflammation, to a point I was even paralyzed and wasn’t able to walk and grab (I am still not fully able). Today is finally the day where I’m able to go out to see a doc and get help.
On top on that I got into an argument with my best friend, which I know that the soul contract is about to end and the connection served it’s purpose (Paimon and other deities made in the past often fight with this person so I move on)

I mean normally I would get a mild depression after calling in Lucifer and then feeling reborn, but this time I’m not sure what went wrong. I’m also aware that I got the virus probably before calling in Lucifer, but then I ask myself the question why he didn’t stop the illness.
Mind that I’m not new with Lucifer, and some guys here know that I practice occultism for over decade… but I can’t put my finger on what went wrong
But I also haven’t worked with him for some weeks

Thank you in advance :pray::sparkles::two_hearts:

Because the human body sometimes is in dire need of a rest. Whenever I encounter a sudden health issue its usually after a period of forcing my body and mind through extensive hoops of overworking and underresting. If stuff like that wouldn’t force me to take a rest I would do this to myself forever, as I am conditioned to do so. Its not without a snarky “Told you so” in the background, when I have to drag myself into the bed for a marathon of old 2000s trash TV and a jug of tea.

Maybe you have overstrained your physical and mental resources the last couple of days?


Well yeah for sure but damn, this is not funny. We are talking about paralyzed legs arms and fingers. I don’t think that should be part of that. I just can hope it will pass and it didn’t damage my nerve system.

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As you’ve said, you’re having a doctors appointment :slight_smile: I hope that they can help you with this and that you’ll be able to beat that shit with rest. When I had the Rona last year I wasn’t able to hold or grab things for several days (and still fumbled with small tasks for the entire length of my brain fog episode), I know it can be spooky :confused:

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Oh good to know you had similar symptoms… thank you so much for your answer. You are a very kind :sparkles:

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Keep us updated if you’d like :slight_smile: I wish you a speedy recovery :bouquet:

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Thank you :pray::heart:

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Hello pinksugar,

Recently I had the similar experience with King Paimon. After evocation ritual I fell down with a harsh abdomenal pain and a high temperature. That’s why I’ve just ask Him if it’s from Them or it’s some kind of punisment (I work with Archangels as well), because I felt this isn’t an ordinary flu or so.

King Paimon told me not to worry - the next day I;m going to feel better (and yes - I did, I felt a lot better without medicines or a doctor’s visiting). I was told also, that this is a test sent to me, so They are able to see if I’m worthy to work with and if I deserve the efforts and accomplishing my goals with the help of King Paimon.

So just ask Lucifer what happens and why, probably he’ll be eager to give you an answer, or even a solution of the problem.

Take care and get well soon!

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Thank you :pray:
I thought so too first, if it is some sort of punishment, as I work a lot with angels but also other entities. But then I thought it’s bs, especially Lucifer being celestial would not be this way.
Never mind, I’m sick for days and I’m able to get help today.
Thank you so much for answering :pray::sparkles:

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Guys. Turned out it’s the mit the Rona, it was another virus that lead to an infection arthritis.
While my body is better, my hands are still in pain.
It’s devastating. I just bought a new vintage guitar and wanted to practice and play music again.
I don’t really feel like calling Lucifer again.
I really love this entity but I don’t know what happened. Perhaps its time to work with another.
Was working with Ishtar and felt really good with this goddess. Also working again with Archangels etc so perhaps it really for now it’s not the time to work with Lucifer again.

The other possibility of a curse also does not resonate, I’m quite a hermit and don’t have a large friend group. Perhaps a viewer from my channel got jealous of my presence and beauty lol

Thank you all :pray::sparkles:


The kind of where already existing arthritis gets triggered by viral or bacterial infections somewhere else in the body? Just asking, my aunt was diagnosed with this stuff in a lung clinic. She had undetected arthritis for who knows how long that got triggered again by a lung infection. She was with different doctors before and no one took her other symptoms seriously enough to look for arthritis related issues. Her diagnosis was absolutely by chance, she would have suffered longer if it wasn’t for that lung treatment.

Do it as soon as your pain management got better. Playing guitar can have a beneficial effect for your fingers in this case, preserving mobility (if you don’t shred the shit out of the chords)! My father in law has severe OA and playing guitar and keeping his hands busy with his woodworking projects made things less sucky for him.

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Hey! No, it’s an arthritis that comes out of nowhere, the doctor said (as well as the internet) that virus caused the arthritis. I’m far too young and youthful to have this kind of shit.
Unfortunately I tried on the weekend, and ever since I played it got worse. The doctor also said I shouldn’t play at all, until it’s fully gone.
Thank you for getting back :sparkles::two_hearts:

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Try some approaches from this article:

I would especially recommend to invest into a guitar with a larger neck and to switch from a pick to a thumb pick (if you’re using one, that is).

Maybe now is a good time to make yourself a bit more comfortable with healing entities, so you can get a better feeling for pacing and managing your daily life with a chronic illness.
As someone “too youthful for this kind of shit” dealing with a chronic illness for several years I made really really good experiences with including a healing spirit (Buer, in my case) into my regular workings. Since then I could ditch heavy pain medications and I got from basically not being able to leave the bed to spending time with physically taxing work for several hours and doing sports again. I didn’t think that I could do this kind of stuff ever again :slight_smile:

I wish you all the best and that you’ll be able to sort things out at your own pace and to your own conditions :bouquet:

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Thank you! I think it’s an one timer, not a chronic condition. Never had that before and it does feel very much connected to that virus.
I will stick with angelic help for now, I’m still pissed tbh. Was thinking of Buer as well, but will see
Thank you so much for your kind words :heart::pray::sparkles:


I’m healthy again! I used the healing sigil with words of power “mystical words of power” by Damon Brand and it worked miracles.
All my joint problems are gone.
Also “healing magick” by Rose Manning also helped!
As far with Lucifer, haven’t connect to him yet but I will soon.
I have to say that it made me realize what’s most important for me. I put my time into unnecessary hobbies and didn’t gave my talent enough time.
I have a feeling that Lucifer wanted me to realize this.
I also emerged from this crisis with more of an Ego. It’s important to have that drive! Being too spiritual/neptunian is not good if you want mundane success.
Lucifer reminded me we are here for having both.

Be blessed y’all! :sparkles::angel: