Majick square for money advice

So I opened a majick square to bring money in my life but so far I’m still broke.Should I put it awsy and forget about it or carry it on me at all times? Is there anything else I should be doing to get this to work?

You can focus on a need for something specific rather than the cash to fulfill that need, and then give the task to an entity.

When you drop into theta-gamma…

Try to focus on having this money in your wallet, and spending it on the things you desire, and feeling the satisfaction of having them until a smile materializes on your face.

Then, put away the sigil, possibly in your wallet or in a safe bin…Where you will want to forget about it until it happens, and then you burn it. And if it doesn’t occur within 6 months, burn it and try again…

The first time I used a square, it took me about 2 months to manifest $2,500+ extra. When I got a consultation and brought that to E.A. and I asked him about why it took so long. He told me, since it was my first time and I had a lofty goal it should give me a sign of where I was at, and that I should have picked a more achievable goal until I built more spiritual momentum.

Perform your ritual, and go about your life until it occurs. Don’t dwell on the action, and don’t keep opening the sigil repeatedly for your own sake, and the sake of the ritual since that will become hindered if you excessively charge your sigils and worry over them constantly.

P.S. Student of Goetia has some good advice too if you are open to charging another sigil another time.

Best of luck,
-Frater Apotheosis