Maintaining the crossroads state

High everyone, I have found in my practice that getting into the crossroads state and staying there really comes down to me concentrating on an image. It’s like a loop. I’m creating, structuring, on the astral. Then through the living imagination I get the visions. With this in mind, I’ve managed to get the crossroads state to be more stable. With evocation it’s akin to dreaming with the eyes open, with the addition of condensed astral energy in the basic form of the entity summoned.
This loop or " magick circle" seems to be used in evocation, scrying, soul travel, and remote viewing. I would love to hear how stable your crossroads state is, and ways you have made it that way. Thanks.


Personally, I was going to try sleep deprivation. It’s hard to get free time to attempt such a thing, but in a few days I’ll have have enough free time to try staying awake for 4 days straight. On the fourth day I will try to evoke sastan and see how easy it is to get into/hold the state while my body is trying to force me into theta


Yeah, that crossed my mind to. I’m usually good in the afternoon, to late night hours, but first thing in the morning I can’t do shit.

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