Maintaining and Training Legions of Spirits

for a certain degree,
i was getting aware when i called my legions forth,
they’d need to be maintained.

I now investigate,
some of the mechanisms,
which might help me,
training them in functioning autonomous,
and having them sufficient in keeping at business. (alive, and thriving.)

Further Suggestions,
mechanisms are welcome.

i mainly seek for getting them to craft,
maintain and consume,
a form of Lifeforce,
which at the same time,
sustains them,
and keeps them well ready,
for other tasks to be cared for,
in accordance with my command.

Suggestions are welcomed.




I would say flesh lots of flesh and chicken hearts. I buy these packs with lots of chicken hearts. Demons like that and stick around. Ask them about it


Considering to recreate the Swarm Spell.

(Summon constant stream of Insects to attack your target)

I already took some look into the detail work for it.

(for refernce)

But i guess i need more reseurch on it,
before something valuable and effective comes up.


Further Reseurching the Mechanisms and mechanics of the new properties i’m looking to integrate towards my Legions:

And it’s fun to watch. xD

I think I found a mechanism I can utilize. xD

Based on this.



Have you found any more information on this subject I am very interested in this.

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not really.

It was mainly conceptual,
to get a base understanding for how to organize big groups of spirits. (Legions).