Mail sabotage

I couldn’t find a thread on this so I started one. Has anyone experienced mail sabotage before? I had a stave custom made for me by a great craftswoman of magical items. It arrived snapped in 4 pieces, it didn’t look like an accident. So now I order one of E.A’s books with strong intent to use it and checking tracking constantly and now I am informed the package was “too damaged to deliver”. I order alot of shit online and this seems to always happen to Occult related items I order and not so much to the others.

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It may be wise to have your items sent to work or to a family member/friends house.

Is it always the same delivery company? You may have a carrier who has decided to be destructive with your items.

I have never had any item I have ordered not arrive correctly and I order magick items all the time, usually jewelry, crystals and statuary. They have all arrived fine.

Best of luck.


Is it possible in some way some part of you is rejecting these items causing them to deliver to you broken or to not arrive? As the saying goes “A god ignored is a demon born”


Ty for the feedback, I may try changing the address as suggested. I don’t think I have rejected the items on any level, all of me wants the items as I’ve been involved in the Occult since teen years. I think I may try a custom ritual soon to help protect my items from angry hands.

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