Mah-Rah-Sah Breathing Sequence Meditation - Balancing the three aspects of Ascend

I dedicate this post to the one that taught me this, The Left hand man of Beleth whose name is Sekhnioz.

So let’s get this straight by a few basic Definitions.

The Three Aspects of Ascend

1:Godhood. A paradigm of spiritual Ascend, rather than liberation/enlightenment (from here, returning to divine), godhood is rather the expansion of the Divine essence here. Wielding the power of a god to do exactly what I wilt.

2: Genesis. Creation, this creation is attributed to manifestation of the philosophers stone, in my “inner religion” this stone is the black diamond (adamas after) and it is created by seemingly from nothing. These two aspects are spiritual and double bound together because of that reason. This is possible in my current gnosis because what I call The first dilemma of the black master: Who is the lord of The Lies? (The universe/creation is expanding in definition and in bounds and not in the energy content. The black master, the prince of lies seeks to add even 000.01 to that total energy so that an object may appear in the physical world seemingly from nothing)

3: Empire Building: Basically, low magick and manifesting a comfortable life that will help you focus on the first higher goals.

How to Balance them

This meditation is my stable norm and it serves as my further alignment to my grand vision. As prerequisites for this…
Godhood must mean something to you, it shouldn’t be an empty term for you same thing with Genesis and Empire building.
Just something that you can later build upon is fine.

I do this after my king or after meditation. So a calm and meditative mind is a prerequisite.

On the “Saw” simply see for what it means, to what may be like, feel it being real that this is indeed your new reality. On the “spoke” simply intone.

I saw the empire. physical, mental, spiritual manifestations aligning. I spoke: I am the Empire Builder.

I saw the pyramid. Physical, mental and spiritual manifestation. I spoke: I am the pyramid builder

I saw the black cube. The essence of chaos in physical form, the philosopher’s stone. I spoke: this is my godly act.

I opened my eye of the Storm, the dragons eye. I spoke: I am god.

Then you can move to the actual breathing sequence.

Mah-Rah-Sah Breathing

When you see the empire, your empire manifesting in the physical world that is the undeniable proof of your power that you can Indeed build from zero, go back to zero and manifest the empire again and again then you shall feel security in that very power, this process awakens the root chakra because your base now is not the physical world as earth but the physical world as your empire. Intone Mah

In the same breath, elevate your focus on the area between the heart and solar plexus cavity.
Live your purpose. You are here to expand your powers, to experience and you are something more than a candidate of the Philiospher’s stone because you put in the work and dedication. You are here to bring the extension of your godhood, which is that chaos cube manifest. You act in accordance to your greatest self, the god self. This god self is unborn and unmanifest and it is now your job to bring it to full Manifestion. Intone Rah

In the same breath, elevate your focus on the forehead where the ajna chakra sits.
Open your dragon’s eye, the of the storm for its your godly act. Feel it pulsate as you do, let yourself be pledged into that tunnel of darkness in so doing giving rise to the godstar or more so for the light of your immortal self to appear physically. This is the red crown that will be kissed so that a god may rise from the shell of a Man. All gods dissolve into the darkness of the tunnel, all spirits become hidden in the dark void of foreseeable destruction and only the light of the godself remains. Intone Sah

This breathing exercise is meant to align yourself and become more like your dear grant result, you have to have a very clear image in your head and heart of where you want to go. This is to align yourself with the possibility to be a living a god, your unborn essence fully exercising its powers here and now. This proof is your life. Liberation and enlightenment in that manner is a trap because it demands you to dedicate all your great potential to a single cause of going back to source which this will be your greatest miracle and effort here. I do not sway the power of the element of detachment but instead this is only a prerequisite (be meditative, silent, detached) to reach your greatest self. Monks renounce their entire lives and go live in caves, here we differ because I seek to have the financial power myself to be powerful and have a pyramid for my spiritual goals myself.
It’s important to do all this in the same breath starting from the bottom so you go Mah…Rah…Sah and then once you reach the top position (Sah) you go back down again but do not repeat sah or mah again, so the sequence goes as follows:

Inhale, exhale,
Mah… Rah… Sah… (rep one, end of the exhale)
while doing the same process as above. Inhale and upon the end of the exhale say:
Rah… mah… Rah… (rep two)
Sah…Rah…Mah (rep three)

You get the idea. Do this till rep 12.

Grateful for Beleth and Set’nioz.