Magni's Qliphothic Pathworking

Okay so I’m creating this journal as an offering to a certain demon on the Qliphothic tree. I’ll give you a hint as to who he is: he’s both bird and ass. Anyhow, the spirits told me this tree is the essence of the Black Alchemy, to become a Demonic Lord. The path isn’t one meant to be walked once but many times, triggering growth and evolution each time one encounters the Qlipha and their lords. I’ve noticed changes in my personality and life since taking the leap into the tree. I started two weeks ago and I’m currently on the sphere of Samael. I hope these logs and entries are helpful and useful for your own pathworking. The books used are Asenath Mason’s “Tree of Qliphoth” and Karlsson’s book on the subject.


My entry and preparation for entering the sphere of Lilith, was aided by the demoness herself. I invoked her and traveled to her realm where she gave me advice on the path of the Nightside. She told me to go forth without fear of change, for with this path change was inevitable. Immediately after thanking the succubus queen, I entered her sphere and invoked Namaah. Namaah is a powerful spirit and while in this sphere, every dark and repressed corner of my mind and sexuality was revealed plainly to me. I worked with her for seven days, partly because my intuition told me to, and partly because I wanted to attune my energies to the Dark Tree. Namaah showed me that my lust was immense and nearly uncontrollable if left unchecked, and that deep within, I have a beast whose lifeblood is lust for carnality and lust for blood and death. She told me many weaknesses that I had and tempted me in the mundane world with a night of drinking that can only be described as pure anxious hell and the next day wasn’t better. The hangover was horrible and I could hear the succubus taunting me as I heaved into the toilet and felt the pain of a stomach freshly emptied. Towards the end of my working, I began to apply some of her advice, causing her to give me a knowing smile and telling me that I must move forward to the next Qlipha. In an effort to channel the freshly evoked energies within my life, I channeled Namaah in a ritual for invoking the animalistic lust within me and setting it in motion to bring me sex and power.


My next working took place in the Qlipha Gamaliel where I was reunited with Lilith. My first night of ritual, Lilith was standing on top of a lake of blood with myself standing in front of her. The moon was blood red and it rained crimson drops of blood into the lake. Lilith stood before me, nude and pale with long crimson hair, not orange like a red head, but red like blood but it looked more natural than even my own un-dyed blonde hair. She spoke a few words and we began to have sex. Just as I felt the shivering energetic climax, she bit me in the next and my body dissolved as if by acid, into the crimson lake below. It was as-if being stabbed, had killed my ego and I was submerged into everything. I was everything. From a rock in the Sahara desert, to a lion in the Serengetti, all the way to the burning hot sun. I was in everything. Everything but myself. It felt like hours that I was in this state when really it was only minutes. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad. I felt everything and then some. Suddenly I was pulled back into Gamaliel, my body forming out of the boiling lake of blood. Instead of myself, I arose from the blood as Lilith, and I raised my arms and a column of flame erupted through me sending me back to my ritual room. The next night was dedicated to calling upon Samael. I called upon him and entered Gamaliel once again. I was sent to a bonfire. Succubi and incubi were submerged in an ecstatic orgy around the roaring fire. Standing outside the circle was a massive horned angel with the eyes of a serpent. A succubus approached me and I became enraptured. We fornicated and once again at the peak of full body orgasm, Lilith emerged from the fire in an inferno of ash and flame. She stood by Samael outside the circle and all of the succubi and incubi disappeared. Only myself, Lilith, Samael, and the blood red moon were left. Samael stretched out his hand and revealed a crimson blood red apple. I took a bite and it burned my throat. The world began to spin and Samael smiled as the world went black. I was left in the abyss for only seconds as my vision returned. My body was forming in a cauldron. Witches surrounded the cauldron, all chanting Samael’s name. I was Samael. I stepped from the cauldron and raised up my hands, sending forth poisonous energy to my physical body. I returned to my temple and felt physically sick. After sleeping off my state of illness on the third and final night of ritual, I conjured both Samael and Lilith. Instead of going to the plane of Samael, they flew into my root chakra and changed into serpents. I began to relax myself and open my chakras. I felt a rumbling energy in my root chakra. Suddenly, a fire erupted up my spine leading to my crown. I arched my back, raising my head to the ceiling in ecstasy, the serpents shooting up my back. It felt like an orgasm in my chakras and spine. Before closing the ritual, I asked Samael to destroy all weakness in me and my life and for Lilith to birth strength and opportunity.


The next realm I entered was the realm of Samael. According to my gnosis, this realm plants a seed of the black flame, of dark alchemical gnosis, which flowers in Thagirion. I began my ascension into this Qlipha by evoking Addramelech. I’ve never communed with him before and he was the first demon of the Qliphoth whom I’ve never encountered before. I’ve always been curious about him and he certainly didn’t disappoint. He took me to a massive palace with incense burning and pillows scattered across the floor. He sat atop a throne, his massive peacock fan splayed out behind him. He had the head of a horse with glowing red eyes and a small crown on his head. He invited me to sit before him as he dispensed knowledge of self sovereignty. If you listen to what he has to say about self rulership, you will truly be a king among beggars and peasants. I took down around two pages of notes in my journal and he dismissed me. My second night of working with him, he called me out to a balcony that led out to a garden. At the end of the garden was a gigantic mirror. He beckoned me to go to the mirror. I approached the mirror and saw within it my shadow self. He was my height with my features except he had a massive two foot erect penis, elongated fangs, long claws, and huge horns. His eyes glowed yellow. I felt as if I had to offer him my hand and I stretched it out. The Beast took it and he came through the mirror. We walked over to Addramelech and stood before him at either side. Addramelech instructed the Beast and I to face each other. Addramelech began to ask of us various things of each other leading up to a pact. I would allow the Beast to operate within me and he was to no longer stand in the way of my happiness and ascent. It was very emotional and I feel close to Addramelech. On the final night, Addramelech told me to stand before him. He ignited within me and empowered within me my black flame. I could feel it within my physical body. He then crowned me with a crown composed of pure pride and arrogance. He invited to me to sit beside him on a throne of my own as we smoked cigars and he gave me further instruction.


I took a slight break in recording my pathworking but I intend to complete my experiences and record them. Currently I am on the Qlipha of Satariel. My experience in Aarab Zaraq began with an invocation of Dark Venus and an intro into the volcanic realm of Aarab Zaraq. I first arrived at an ancient temple in a volcanic landscape. Blood and red sand covered the volcanic ground. Dark Venus appeared as a beautiful woman with long dark hair and black eyes (no pupils). She began to talk to me, giving me advice while she circled me, slowly stroking my body in an almost predatory fashion. She kissed me on the mouth and then stabbed me in chest with a massive spear. The next day when I returned to Aarab Zaraq I met Ba’al. He first appeared as a massive ogre-like giant with long horns and sharp teeth. He carried a massive golden mace and charged toward me. He changed appearance when he reached the spot I was at. From the ogre and into a tan skinned man with glowing red eyes and golden armor. He gave me a few words of advice and told me to prepare myself. Suddenly I was caught between two armies of demons. At the head of either army stood Ba’al and Dark Venus. They gave a loud battle cry and charged me. I manifested a black sword and met the two oncoming armies. I cut down demon after demon, with Ba’al and Dark Venus being nowhere to be seen. Soon I was alone on the battlefield, surrounded by the corpses of the demons I’ve slain. I heard thundering footsteps and saw the charging titanic forms of Ba’al and Dark Venus. They reached me and Ba’al crushed my body with his massive golden mace while simultaneously Dark Venus stabbed my neck with her spear. I snapped back into my body and felt loneliness and finality. I felt depressed the whole next day. When I finally returned my consciousness to the realm of Aarab Zaraq, I was lying on the ground in a crushed and bloody heap. A demon with the features and wings of the raven landed by my side and began to pick at my corpse. He picked my body up and carried it towards a gigantic volcano, dropping it into the magma below. My body was dissolved and liquified in the magma. My essence floated in a volcanic river to an underground cavern. The clanging of metal could be heard and I felt my essence being extracted and pressed in a massive mold. My vision returned and I saw a man with a half exposed skull working a forge. He forged my body and I stepped out of the mold. He introduced himself as Tubal Qayin, calling me Brother because of my devotion to his ancestor, Qayin Ben Samael. He forged me anew in the fires of Aarab Zaraq and gave me weapons both astral and metaphysical that would aid me in my upcoming journeys.


My entry into Thagirion was something that I was excited for. I knew this Qlipha in particular held vast power and that this was the point in the Tree that my life would begin to be rebuilt, as the other Qlipha were breaking it down. I have lost several friends and general misfortune had begun to occur within my life due to my workings. I don’t say this to deter anyone. The breaking down is necessary to rebuild your life. All that isn’t needed will be shattered and scattered by the forces of the dark tree. What will be built instead within you and within your life will be superior to what once was. When I entered the realm of Thagirion, I invoked Belphegor and entered the sphere. It was almost pitch black, taking place within a Nightside garden. It was an abandoned city, looking similar to the city surrounding the Sierra Madre casino in Fallout: New Vegas. I wandered in darkness for a time before lighting the way with the Inner Flame of Spirit. I found Belphegor and he began to outline the procedures involved with this particular Thagirion pathworking. He also dispensed some wisdom and I returned to my body. The next night when I returned to Belphegor in Thagirion, he appeared as a man with the head of a pig. He lead me to a stone temple where Sorath awaited inside. Sorath looked like the classical depiction of Christ, with horns, black eyes, claws, and fangs. He opened a massive portal and out of it walked my Shadow. Sorath instructed my shadow and I to grasp each other’s hands as he conducted the ritual. In a flash of black light, the Shadow and I merged as one. No long was I a lowly human, and no longer was the Shadow a beast. I had become a symbiosis of the two, a demigod. Sorath pushed me into the portal and my vision became emblazoned with the fury of the Black Sun. For what felt like aeons, I became the Black Sun. A massive swirling vortex of Spirit. I emerged a new being, baptized by the rays of Sol Nigredo. On my final night of working with Sorath, he outlined a path to Godhood and gave me advice before strengthening my inner flame.


My entry into Golachab was a painful one. It began with Asmodeus pulling me into his realm and burning my soul in a furnace in the ritual of his first hell of which there are nine. Aarab Zaraq was the entry into the path of the Lustful Warrior and Golachab is the crowning Qlipha of this aspect. Asmodeus continued to torture me and challenge me each night of the working. I overcame each of his challenges in his nine hells. Love became hate and pain became ecstasy as I traversed his hells. Even the energies of life and of death became reversed. With each hell, new temptations and obstacles were overcome. The strangest thing about Golachab and it’s hells were that each moment spent in them felt both enticing and agonizing, and incredibly vivid. It was both an ordeal and a pleasure to experience these hells. When I entered the last hell, I became Asmodeus and he became me, causing me to overcome the limitations placed upon me. I became both the Lover and the Warrior manifested in the Spirit. My final night spent in Golachab caused Asmodeus to ignite within me both the flames of War and of Lust. Asmodeus taught me that the hell within your life can be used as Infernal fuel to bring about your own Heaven and overcome the spiritual taints and chains that society and reality has placed upon your soul.


Awesome Magni! Very interesting and do keep us posted!


Very interesting so far, good to be able to read on the perspectives of another’s journey through the Qliphoth as I go upon my own journey through it.

Hey @FraterMagni mind if I post some related videos that I think you might find useful?

@RyuDarkness @surefire1 Thank you both! @Aiden_Crow Feel free :slight_smile:

@FraterMagni, I live your pathworkings.
I am self initiating into qlippoth using karlssons book.
I believe I’ve made contact with Naamah or Lilith.
I have not astral traveled, nor have my third eye open yet.
How do you conduct these path workings?

Typically I invoke the spirit and then they pull me into their realm. I would reccomend the soul travel course as it’s really helpful in teaching projection.

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@Aiden_Crow VK is a real one :+1:


My entry into Gha’agsheblah was more anticlimactic than the rest. Astaroth greeted me as a sickly looking man riding on the back of a toxic green dragon. I stood before him in the ruins of a city, burning and crumbled. It was modern and resembled New York but without all of the noise or people. Astaroth gave me wisdom in preparation for Da’ath, The Abyss. He and his dragon pelted me in their toxic breath, removing all that would hinder me in the abyss and all that is no longer needed. He did so for three consecutive nights, dispensing advice and breathing his toxic breath all over my spirit. Finally, he gave me his blessing to go forth and be baptized in the black waters of Da’ath. I had experienced the Abyss before during soul travel but it was much different this time. I met Choronzon and passed his test, proceeding to Babylon who led me to her place of gold. I don’t wish to describe the things Choronzon or Bablon told me or showed me, as it is extremely personal, and it also wouldn’t be of any use to those reading this. Da’ath is experienced by the fears and limitations within you and most of us have different experiences that led up to those fears and limitations. All I shall say is that it scared the shit out of me but I felt better about myself for overcoming it.


Satariel was a realm that I had been looking forward to traversing due to a calling to Lucifuge left unanswered. I invoked him and he took me to a massive labyrinth constructed out of bones and black soot. It was almost pitch black but somehow I could still see him. He was darker than the darkness that surrounded us and he almost radiated with a Black Light. He congratulated me on my success over Da’ath and gave me a page of advice and outlining my path working with him. He began to lead me through the labyrinth but stopped as we were rounding a bend. He told me to go back to my body and that we would continue the following night. I returned to my body and was eager to go back and see what the wise old demon had to show me. When I finally went back into Satariel, Lucifuge was patiently waiting. We rounded the bend and came upon a massive floating blue eye. He told me that it was mine, but it wasn’t only my third eye, but it also represented the power within me and the limitless potential that I have. I touched it and saw my dream reality. I saw my ideal self. Lucifuge’s whispers could be heard over the vision. “All you need to manifest this paradise is your divine will. That is all.” This was the point in which I recognized the divine spark within me. My final night in Satariel was spent with Arachne, a manifestation of Lilith as a spider queen. When I invoked Arachne, I came to an endless web, hovering above the earth and stretching all across space and time. Arachne poisoned me and as I faded to black I saw my destiny in a single instant. I saw the many possibilities that would present themselves to me. When I came to, I was no longer myself, but Arachne. I chose my destiny and weaved a web of my own. I don’t remember what I weaved but I think that is a good thing and that Arachne doesn’t want us to know our destiny, as it limits surprises and creates stagnation.


Ghagiel is the realm in which my life began to sew itself up and raise itself by the divine black lightning. I was initially only going to work with Beelzebub but Belial insisted that I had to work with him in this Qlipha as well. I invoked Belial and entered Ghagiel. Belial was sitting in a black throne in a city built of black stone. It was ancient and demons walked around us, going about their business. I couldn’t spot any guards or authority figures save Belial sitting on his throne. He appeared as a massive reptilian demon with enormous wings. He told me of many things that would be seen as blasphemous to some, heresy to others, and treason to the rest. He spoke of creation and counter creation and the difference between the two. I then was transported to a vision of the Earth that was nightmarish in appearance but it felt fresh and free energetically speaking. I looked around me and saw politicians, police officers, clergymen, and any other sort of authority figuring locked in guilotines or being held by demons. All at once a force erupted within me and the guilotine blades dropped and the demons slew their captives. The air was thick with the smell of burning churches and government buildings. Belial stood before me as a massive force, dancing happily amongst the regicidal blood bath. I felt free. Belial caught my glance and grinned. I went back to my body with a sense of liberation. At this time, several good things began to happen the following day that I won’t get into detail with here. The next night I invoked Beelzebub. It was my first time working with this demon and I wasn’t sure what to expect. He appeared as a moving mass of flies in the shape of a man with two burning red eyes. We stood in the abyss and viewed the same version of earth that Belial had taken me to. Beelzebub began to give me advice and dictation regarding creation of your own reality. I saw the world and visualized my ideal reality. Peace, liberty, and ascension reigned on this new Earth. I basked in the glory of my creation for awhile, experiencing the true power of the Spirit of Divinity within. When I was ready, I returned to my body. The last night of working in Ghagiel, I evoked both Belial and Beelzebub and they gave me the true gnosis of Ghagiel.


When you were working with Asmodeus, did you do any workings with Lady Nemesis? Just wondering!

Here we have arrived to Thaumiel. The big papa of the Qlipphoth. My first night in Thaumiel, I was going to evoke Satan but Lucifer insisted on me evoking him, so I did. He was very happy to see my progress in the Qlipphoth. He said, “This is where I wanted you to be when I came to you and told you to work the Tree.” He told me that I have to empower my kundalini if I want to achieve the workings of Thaumiel. He touched my crown and my root chakra and I felt the surge of kundalini energy slither up my spine. My third eye began to radiate and buzz. It felt like I had a second beating heart in my forehead. I dismissed Lucifer. The following night I evoked Satan. I have worked with him previously and he always had an extremely powerful energy around him. He appeared as a man with the head of a goat as well as the hooves of a goat. He told me to walk his path and oppose the weakness dwelling within the world. He told me to become the adversary of the established order. After giving me his advice, he took me to the Abyss, where we looked out at all of reality. I closed my eyes and felt my third eye open and the Kundalini rose up my spine. Sunya became active and I saw everything in reality. Satan began to feed me his fiery energy and flames, meteors, and volcanic ash began to radiate from my third eye. All of reality was destroyed, just as it had been in Ghagiel, but this time it felt even more real. After reality was consumed by the Abyss, the final thing to be destroyed was myself. My third eye was still radiating and it became active again, black flames consuming my whole being and reducing all that my energy body was to ash. The next night I arrived in the realm of Moloch. Moloch is a character that has always interested me, especially his ancient and modern cults. I evoked him and he appeared as a massive fiery bull made of gold. He told me of the true nature of mankind and of the act of creation and temperance. He then took me to the abyss and we stood beside Satan and a pile of ash. Moloch infused me with his power and I arose once more from the pile of ash, my energy body being revitalized and created anew. I was a new being. I gazed at the nothingness that once was reality and my third eye opened up, kundalini shooting up my spine. I listened to Moloch’s whispers as fire erupted from my third eye, achieving Sunya. The fire swept through the Abyss and began to form the basis of reality, but on my terms. All rulers were absent. All slavery was absent. All that was left was kindness, knowledge, love, and pride. The new reality formed and beings began to arise. They weren’t weak or moronic as the humans are today, but they were living gods, as I had become. In this reality, love and individuality was all that permeated this New created reality. Mankind was no longer concerned with government but instead self government. And when I returned to my body, I could feel the reality I created in Thaumiel slowly coming into being. As I drifted to sleep after blowing out the candles and extinguishing the incense, I saw a two headed dragon in my astral senses.