Magnetic connection to a man/4 Black Crows/abrupt ending...what is the meaning?

So…I posted about this in a different topic as a comment to another…however, I really would like some insight or clarification into the matter.

The background story begins…excuse the manner of my post. I tend to not organize my thoughts well (working on it) and I am all over the place naturally (still learning focus).

***The topic was about meeting with others who you felt were not possibly human or whatever…sounds odd, but I have met two people who TERRIFIED me to the core just by what I can only describe as “dead eyes”. Saying completely off the wall stuff to me…I attract the ones who I guess are off the beaten path…normally I love, but a few encounters of these made me want to learn protection magick real quick…

This one still confuses me…as he was someone I was dating…yes, the black crows are coming…please just continue reading…it will make sense in the end…(lol) Thanks in advance.

Now…here was my post:

Wow…what you just said truly resonated within me…I only had an encounter like this one time with someone I was meant to date. I say this because I knew the moment I met this individual it was ELECTRIC…and MAGNETIC…chemistry was an understatement…He was into chaos magick but would never elaborate on anything about himself. He always had this “odd” smell to him and no it was not a bad odor smell it was something else…it was also as if our polarities drew each other together. Polar opposites or whatever… he HATED when I spoke of being angelic or a fallen angel and of my thoughts on such and always prompted me to “follow” him… yet he was never forceful in his wanting to teach, but rather it was more like being me becoming bewitched (he knew it). I had a moment to lock eyes with him while we dated briefly (3 months) which was the most intense experience of my life…mind you, we did not date until almost 2 years after our first encounter—then it was like sparks flew off…back to my point: his eyes literally were entrancing me…I asked him what he was doing and he said to just enjoy it and surrender. I felt a tad uncomfortable doing that bc I was like wtf are you doing again and he was NOT a fan of my authority or “dominance” showing by questioning him…I loved it though…the dizziness…the feeling of power…however my assholishness stopped that quickly. It was so powerful and connecting… he said he saw our “souls in the twin flame”…another time which struck me as odd and I never really understood…we walked into the woods after dark and went to a sacred spot of where pow wows would place energies…he had no fear (as always) and I was walking with him…he wanted to touch this rock which was used to displace the energy the workers took and deposited upon (the rock) and go under this “bridge” made from the rocks…he said it was a “threshold/crossing”…I felt very uneasy and just (not lying) one by one…you heard birds in the woods flapping their wings and one black crow flew near me and perched itself by the tree…then a second, third, and finally a fourth. I refused to go under this “bridge” and he got annoyed and I told, or felt I needed to speak to the crows and I thanked them (the black birds) for protecting their sacred space…I didn’t care what he was thinking or what his face even looked like as I was saying this out loud to the crows…I just “felt I had to” do it…we eventually left the woods and got back into his car and I asked him what the crows were doing and how very odd that was…he says very pissed off “they were there for you”…I said “what do you mean?”…he again got more annoyed and said “I don’t want to talk about that again and you did not go under the bridge” very odd…I still do not get the entire connection and he refused to speak about it…any insights? Sorry—went off topic from original point…but, your post “connected” with me and had to speak…thank you! He also always asked to be “invited in” when he came over…after we broke up I was pissed off and felt he placed an unwelcome attachment to me or something…intuitively again I felt this and I burned everything he gave me…a gift he gave me once was a red pillow to “remind myself of him and to sleep with daily” … hmm----- damn me, I still am in love with this man…he knows it. Most likely does not give a flying you-know-what either. How nice (sarcasm x100)

***so…any insights? Why would I know the crows were there for me? He also kept telling me to tell him when I would finally be ready to “accept” and he had a “ritual” for me planned…like he thought I was supposed to get something that I was honestly not getting…It was either he was pissed that the crows came or pissed that they were there for me or they certainly irritated the hell out of him. Maybe he was just angry I did not follow him under his threshold or whatever he was trying to make me do, but I did not…our relationship ended as crazy as it started with him saying he was done with me and I should be forewarned “to not stalk him through emails or further contact him”…now the FUNNY part is…I am not a stalker and I was not contacting him like that EVER. Things were literally like wtf at the end concerning our break-up and him stating “just so you know I am breaking up with YOU…do NOT contact me and do not harass me…” again…hmmm…confused. I was more annoyed at whatever I felt he also left in my home…his theory was he “feeds his daemons” they “obey him” Which again…I do not judge or comment in respect to magick…but, shit started “happening” in my home with throwing objects (poltergeist activity) and the rancid smells and I was again lectured by this man as to how “ignorant I was and how they would not accept me by my immaturity now because of my reactions” <like I failed some type of “test”> as I told them to “stop throwing my shit” and it was “my space” and called them by no name, which again, was told NOT to do by him…yet, he would never explain himself or whatever…just to next time tell them to come back with a pleasant smell and offering me gifts. I was like, sounds awesome…but I really do not “tell things” of a nature I do not know or understand what to do for me unless I get the whole situation to begin with…sounds disrespectful and asking for trouble. I am not sure I believe daemons to be animals to be leashed like his analogy was…Idk.

Again…went off topic there…but this was a pretty confusing time of my life and he really had some control over me that I am not really sure I liked, but yet I did…or maybe I am a fool.


Gimme time.

You seem to have a decent understanding of the situation. Your friend was good at attraction, but probably didn’t have your best interests in mind. It seems like he wanted to achieve spiritual dominance, but has a weak spiritual foundation. That is somewhat common for a young mage.

Your intuition serves you well.


he was taking you in the woods to fill you with demons so you could spend eternity together in the twin flames . as for the 4 crows I will research that . you thanked the crows then his ritual failed because you thanked the demons

crows are sometimes considered to symbolize an omen they can be good or bad .depending on the context being used . they are the same family as the raven they are often associated with death and darkness its all I knw buddy

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Well…thank you for the insight! I am not well versed in the darker arts…I did read most background information and he introduced me to sigils but again much was left to secrecy about him and his practices. I guess if it were a ritual that would explain why he was so pissed. Yet…he could have been more frank with me. If crows are omens…then they were there to warn me? Protect me…or that is the confusing part. As he stated “they are here for you”…and was like not happy about it either…again. It was the type of stuff straight out of a movie…I honestly was a little freaked out at first by the methodical approach and landing of each black bird one by one in order onto the trees…one next to each other on a different tree----it was a little unsettling at first bc it was dark, almost pitch black, and all you heard deep in the woods was wings flapping and tree limbs cracking and then seeing these birds peering literally down upon you…

Ok! :slight_smile: thank you

Excuse my language, but what a douche of a guy! It seems like he used you with ill intent for his “master plan”, and the Four Crows interrupted parts of it, and probably marked him with a warning.

Perhaps you were a “sacrifice” for his demons to latch and feed off of you after his planned ritual. The “twin flame” he throwed at you were probably a part of his “masterplan” to sway you deeper into the mess he created. Twin Flames and Soul Mates are bound for attraction at a deeper scale, and - at least in my world - sacrifice isn’t made with ill intent in the same way as his behavior showed. Compromise and sacrifice, sure. But not like this.


:open_mouth:Wow…yes now that puts it into a NEW perspective!!! Thanks…this is very helpful for me in understanding what not only possibly happened but to prevent it from happening again in another context/situation later in my life. I kind of felt the crows were protecting me in a way…weird you say they were warning him. Makes sense! And no…I never agreed to be a part of a sacrifice…and yes, I believe also in informing the person either way too or all parties involved of what is “going on”…like sure, I am open to all facets of magick and ideas or rituals to partake in or learn about, etc…but, don’t make me a participant without my knowledge or using it against my will…for something to harm me. Thank you again. I appreciate all the feedback.


Wall of words… my eyes


Awesome feedback! Soooo supportive and enlightening. (Mind blowing observational analysis)


My brain hurts from the awesomeness of your reply.