Magickaly losing weight?

Hello BALG Family!

I know it can be done. But does anyone know any methods for magickaly getting to your ideal weight and body type? Any specific deities that could aide in this? Im curious

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Have you tried using the search function? There are already multiple threads on this subject.


Good idea @DarkestKnight I’m interested too I’ll use the forum search.

Water soluble fibre.



servitors could help. also note that the magick won’t do the work you still need to, it’ll just help along the way and may speed up the process.
I’ve read about candle magick, entities are able to shape the body and along with that you still need to eat right and exercise :slight_smile:

maybe even try subliminal videos on yt


lol I had no idea this was posted on the forum. it was supposed to be a pm :joy: damn no wonder they haven’t messaged me yet

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Yeah, not necessarily true.
Servitor could make your body work in an entirely different way, burn solely fat, eat less or whatever. Could also just convert the matter into a less condensed, non physical form.

Maybe for beginner magic this is true but this won’t always be true.

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