Magickal Tattoos

Has anyone placed a pentagram tattoo, demonic sigil, or self-designed sigil on themselves? If you have, what were your results?

Yes, but I can’t go into great detail. It is like having an open sigil on you at all times, I designed it myself ala “chaos magic” so it is not connected to any spirit. But it is always on and always working to do what it.was designed to do. It never rests, which sometimes is annoying.

Yeah make sure you’re serious about this, otherwise you’re stuck with this constant current flowing into your life.

Yes, you are so right.

There’s only one seal I’d ever want tattooed on my body. But it’s one that I simply cannot reveal to anyone outside of those to whom its secret has been entrusted. So no tattoos for me.

I know this isn’t 100% related, but I hope it’s still helpful.

Through my friends I know a pretty adept tattoo artist who comes from an occult family.

And I’m going to give you the same cautioning he does to other magicians. If a tattoo artist is really emotional, you’re having him spill your blood and direct that kind of focus and intent into it, so if he’s sad or pissed off, that’s how you’re going to feel when you look at it, forever…

My guess is,
Depending on how intense the emotion was, what type of emotion it was, and how sensitive others are, will determine the ability of others to sense it too.

You are spilling blood, blood is sacred, it is being put into this art work, and essentially gives it immense power. Blood is also one of the three great gateways into the spirit realm, so in this sense a tattoo is very different from other art with how it can be empowered.

So please, just use some discretion when doing one of these, not just with the artist, but their emotional condition, and their ability to do the work at hand.

You don’t want to get something horribly fucked up, then end up on one of those shows on national television where they try and cover up your fucked up tattoo with something normal or just something that won’t mess up your life as profoundly, or worse yet get it painfully removed and deal with the scarring instead.

Another word of advice. Don’t go for something super cheap, unless you want to look like you got it in prison…If you want to respect the spirits you’ll make sure you get this done properly, with proper reverence and respect paid to them.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

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I’m planning to get an Ægishjálmr (AKA Helm of Awe) at some point in the future but thanks for the heads up, Apotheosis, I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve been thinking of the difference in colour as well and thought of having it in yellow, or gold or something like that because it’s not for decoration for others but for me and the Gods to know about.

Here is an interesting post that I found about magickal tattoos:
The spells are written in two ancient Indian languages — Sanskrit or, more commonly, Pali, which is the liturgical language of Cambodia’s dominant religion, Theravada Buddhism. Reut Hath admits he can’t actually understand any of the spells because they aren’t written in his native tongue of Khmer.

“I cannot read the Pali, but I know what letter is what letter, so I know what to write according to the formula,” he said. “I learned it, but even I don’t understand why the magic is so powerful.”

Hi everyone, for my change of paradigm I got a red star tatooer on my left hand … Why? For my commitment on this new path, my monogion. And also, because I had a dream a few years ago or a fiery red star (The Flaming Star ??) was going to get stuck between my eyebrows (Ajna chackra) (see Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet) ). So, I made a ritual actually, feeling the needles in my skin and the blood that sprang from these bites, I focused on Ajna, seeing the star illuminated in my imagination. Strongly feeling this Energy. And at the same time, I recited a mantra of Bal Kadmon’s book. So here is. And you ? do you do rituals when you get tattoed? Have you observed changes in your personality and your life? (Sorry but I speak French and sometimes I have to use the translator because I am limited in my vocabulary for now … I am learning English seriously and a demon is helping me with this;))