Magickal Swear Words

Get Fucked!

For many years now I’ve considered fuck to be an honourable, intrinsically scholarly word and one with a long, prestigious history. Experts in swearing have judged fuck to be the second most offensive word in English, after cunt. Cunt has an even older, primordial etymology. And if there’s one thing that I used to worship with my spirit, mind, tongue, fingers and cock while consuming the elixirs therefrom - it was cunt. For years I’d loved and worshipped cunt from afar, before I actually even met one.

Anyway, fuck remains a Magickal word, already fully charged. It can be used by way of banishing and banishment, “Get Fucked!” By repeating the charge, “Get Fucked!” to heaven above you and then to the four cardinal points it defines you as separate from everyone and everything else. As a Goddess/God alone! And isn’t that what the lhp, our path is about?

First thing in the morning upon arising, define yourself and/or banish bad habits by proclaiming - with intent - the sinister truth: Get Fucked!

P.s. I learnt and honed this technique from Bagwan Shree Rashneesh, whose authoritative and I believe widely respected comments on Fuck are available on-line.


I use to have a Black metal t shirt, on the back it say in large letters Jesus is a Cunt, on the front is a naked young Nun i did where the top in public people were actually ringing the police and putting a formal complaint, then the police would threaten me if i didn’t take the top off, many a time and give me cirtain amount of warnings if i keep on wearing the top they would put me behind bars, those cops were fucking arsholes, so were is Cunt so magical if police threaten to lock me up behind bars.

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