Magickal Stagnation

For a while now, I feel like I’ve been stuck magickally. I do not feel like I’m making progress right now. I don’t know what to do to get out of this rut. I’ve been stuck for quite a while now. Are there certain spirits to work with that will help overcome this and get a magician back on track? Thanks.


Generally this is a sign you need to work on yourself. Grow and expand and refine your capabilities and being.


Ruts for me mostly happen when I’m not getting results. AND…truth be told, when it feels like Demons are ignoring me. It’s pretty pathetic actually.
There are ALOT of factors that play into magical results…too numerous to bring up here.
Am I making sense? Think about it :slight_smile:

Lucifuge Rofocale :ok_hand:


You ask this as if it’s a bad thing to not be making progress. In my opinion it’s not. In my experience the more I learn and the more progress I make the slower it happens. Sometimes that leads to stagnation, but that’s ok so long as you keep trying to move forward. How you do this is up to you.


I would consider expanding your practice into other areas you don’t normally consider. If yoh work with the same types of entities, in the same ways, for the same things, you’re going to stagnate. Not saying g this is what you did or anything (how would I know?).

I actively go outside my comfort zone periodically so I can expand my practice and prevent this from happening. I went from the Shadownomicon to the Book of Gates and some Angelic work. Necromancy to Helios Unbound (current wip). I can go back to any of these areas for deeper diving when I choose to and can cycle between most of them.

It actually started as a way to help prevent magical psychosis, since I have a tendency to dive deeply when I do things. The side benefit is that I also haven’t had stagnation problems, either.

Hope it helps.


This is an excellent bit of insight and advice


Here’s a thought that I’ve been thinking is true for many years. In his book “wisdom of the mystic masters” by Joseph Weed he described cyclic growth and evolution. In his system it followed 7 cycles of 52-54 days. Starting on your birthday. The first 52 day cycle is your solar cycle. The most growth and blessings take place during this time. Next is the lunar, mercurial, jupitarean, venusian, and saturnalian phase. During the Saturn phase it’s marked by losses as the universe clears away what’s no longer needed for growth. This can be painful. Experience has shown me there is definitely something to these cycles.

@Dankquanicus may have additional insights.

Another thought I have is that if you had a spirit mentor Patron they can help guide you to great things. Here’s a chapter on the subject from my book