Magickal Results Are Natural Processes

I feel the need to post this. There’s some subtlety here so I give a few examples. Tell me if it doesn’t click for you because this one is huge and I don’t see it addressed enough.

People get results and a lot of the time it can be written off as a coincidence. That’s all magick is though isn’t it? Engineering coincidences? It’s a subtle art of steering cause and effect beyond your ability to influence in the corporeal world.

Like steering a bowling ball after you threw it.

I think most people expect miracles when they get into magick. The spirits called on can absolutely effect a situation and more so if it’s a neutral one. People get into magick out of desperation a lot of the time (I know I got obsessed with it because of it) though occasionally some have a mild interest of “Let’s see if this is even possible.” I was a mix of both. Dabbled due to interest, went all in over a perceived crisis after getting results that blew my mind.

I view situations as having momentum. Things can go one way or another due to a myriad of factors. Once in a while the whole trajectory can change in an instant and that’s where you’ll often find deep lessons from spirits. This is where energy and emotion in a working gets used. That is what the “price” is.

If you really hit it off with a sweet girl who is crazy about you, and you want to nudge the reality into one of you being an official couple it isn’t going to take magick to do so (a lot of the time at least, “let’s just be fucking” is reeeeeally common to hear these days even if it’s worlds better than “you’re a really great guy but…”)

On the other hand it’s a lot harder to direct a situation that way if she thinks you’re a repulsive idiot, you don’t understand that oral hygiene is important, you’re in love with your subaru, and she’s on antidepressants with zero sex drive at all. I’ve seen some truly amazing things happen but it helps to keep perspective on “is this even possible?” especially from a crisis standpoint.

Magick can be magic and miraculous if you forget about it and give it room to work. If you don’t restrict it so much with your target phrasing that it would take a miracle. If you can accept the situation 100% as it is and let it be what it will be.

It’s going to happen through natural means however. It always tends to work this way save for some personal experiences with spirits I’ve heard. It’s like how I view evolution vs creationism. Did “God” create the earth in 7 days by telling it to happen? No. Did the earth happen into existence over millions of years through ways science can reverse engineer via studying natural processes? Ways that in a grand context seem miraculous? Now we’re asking the right questions.

I look at speciation and it amazes me. Darwinism totally happened, though I can see intelligent design influencing and guiding it as it did. We exist because nature tried everything and what survived long enough to reproduce made the team, the rest of everything died off. We can trace this pattern back and come up with reasons why selection worked. Giraffes could reach an elevated food source, cheetahs could move fast enough to catch food that hauls ass, humans could out think their prey, develop technology, and communicate through spoken language. It can all be explained through causality, not through "a beam of light came down from the ethers and a booming voice said “Mojo jojo, namaste bitches! Let there be madafaqin light up in this biatch!”

Cause and effect happened. So think of what’s likely to happen when you consider a situation.

You’ve been at home after a breakup and find yourself really …really missing and hurting for your recent ex. You’re being a bit of a bitch and it’s getting to you looking at the old photos of you together and then your friend hits you up with “Let’s get you out of the house and let’s go do something.” So you go out and hang with friends at the bar. It’s a Friday and someone invites you to a party. Your best interest says to go be social and get new experiences into your life. To go get a new groove.

So you go out and drink jello shots off some random chick with a nose ring, you put on some of that great feel good music that suits the atmosphere perfectly and somebody takes a pic of you buzzed and laughing with some new people you connected with. Maybe tonight isn’t so damn bad after all.

Now. Say their ex is a magician and did a working on them to make them think about them and fill them with love… They see the new photo on facebook and go “Wuuuul! The spell isn’t working and it’s doing the opposite of what I cast for! WTF mate?!”

No dude, it’s working just fine. They had to pry themselves off the couch and were so distraught their friends came to their rescue. Resistance happens. Especially with love/obsession workings. They still go to bed and even if they hook up with someone from the party they’ll still likely have one of those “they’re cute but they’re not x” moments because the magick goes there. It seeps into the cracks and shapes situations over time if there’s resistance. If there isn’t it can happen fast.

Either way though It’s natural processes. They’ll be more likely to be reminded of memories when they see something because demons will effect the heart and mind whenever possible. If the spell didn’t work they’d likely forget entirely and not even notice it anymore. The spell would affect the way they perceive events over time, the way they’d perceive memories with rose tinted glasses, and lots of other ways until you get what you want. It has to follow an arc of events that could have happened, it just steers reality to what you cast for as fast as it can.

I don’t know how many pivotal moments you’ve had where in an afternoon you find yourself on a radically different trajectory towards what you want from life but think about how those happen… You contemplate and usually think a lot on a thought train and arrive at something you forgot about yourself or consider something and it feels great. Then you feed the idea and it grows until you reach a moment and declare to yourself or others what you’re doing. It takes emotional transmutation from one place to another and it often has to work through various themes to get there. It’s all connected and has to follow the event loop of cause and effect. Artists will understand this more than others. It’s how this works though.

If you cast a powerful wealth working (and I speak from experience here) over time you’ll find new ways of thinking, new people, opportunities, and many of your past experiences you gave no thought to yesterday will become relevant again. It will take months to line up if it’s a new area for you. You might be identifying as an entrepreneurial inclined person for the first time and it’s all foreign to you.

Your political views will shift from one side to the other, you’ll start to see money everywhere, value everywhere, opportunity to make the world better everywhere. You’ll begin to really really value personal accountability in everyone you meet, you’ll get on social media and see your old crowd is insane and then see them deflect to lazy talking points when you want to show them an empowered way of thinking where everyone can win if they just look at the world differently. People will oppose you and you won’t care because it will be completely obvious to you yet those who have never walked the path will insist on telling you to “grow up” because their way is “how the world works.” (Always funny to encounter. I hope this is ambiguous enough for the mod topic of what shall not be named)

It could even take years to manifest the reference experiences you’ll draw from once you meet the right people you’ll need to have common interest with in order to trust each other. (Enough to not require an NDA when exploring a new idea like some people I’ve met.)

Eventually you’ll see everything hitting in such a huge way your past looks like a tapestry of destiny woven from the threads of coincidence and synchronicity. It’s quite beautiful and I recommend every magician embark on such a journey. You get there by living out your true will and as cryptic as that sounds you’ll understand when you get there. If you have, I bet it looks great on you.

You won’t however, have a friend show up at your door and say “hey man, my company is going north and that lame ass name we pretended to laugh about at the barbecue 5 years ago turned out to be directly responsible for our viral growth! It was the missing piece and it’s all thanks to you! We rebranded and I’m going to cut you in at 5% to say thank you, I know you said 50% like an idiot and we all rolled our eyes knowing even you don’t even take your life seriously but this is going to be worth millions after next quarter and our lawyer printed up the docs here so all you have to do is sign your name. You deserve it!”

Miracle results can and do often happen (more than you’d think) but you have to approach most magick from a “what is likely to happen” mindframe. If it isn’t terribly likely? Give it some damn time to manifest! Magick works. It’s not going to throw you miracles on demand though, it’s always doing things behind the scenes you’d never suspect and even what looks obvious doesn’t show what’s happening.

A ritual deeply near and dear to my heart took two years to show signs of manifesting. TWO YEARS! All my readings said it was happening, spirits would say “It’s the only way it could happen. Thanks for being patient.” Yet it came because I didn’t write it off. I knew it would happen if I let it happen. So let them do their thing.

Give your results some time and genuinely forget about them if you can. If you can’t, learn how to disect the situation into smaller results so that A) You have more going on to potentially forget about, and B) You nudge the ultimate situation closer and closer to “hell yeah it could happen!” until there’s so much momentum there’s no way it’s not going to happen.

Also, definitely don’t sit and think about all the ways it could manifest if you’ve already cast for it… That’s a topic for another post though. You should sign out and go play with reality now :metal:


This is a really good tip.

I think this this is the most difficult for fellow beginners, that sign out or log off ability to now live lol. To be honest I really don’t have any set hobbies I can think of. I’m trying to find some hobbies I really like, because not only can they be grounding, but of course my mind will be taken away from magick more.

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Great post :slightly_smiling_face:

I think that when you see resistance it’s a good indication that your workings are in fact in action.
To me, resistance shows that adjustments are being made and the way you react to the resistance can be used as a guage for where you are at within the particular situation.

A resistance is equal to a disturbance and thoughts are in action, so at least you are not being ignored because there is always cause and effect. Then there is room for consideration.

Maybe resistance should be expected and even embraced as part of the process, to evaluate how much you want the thing you are going for, to evaluate what it means to you and to evaluate what you have to offer on your end of the deal.

Perhaps resistance offers you an exit, you can consider whether to back down and give up or stick with it whatever comes your way.


Very well put.

Although I spent a lot of time with the esoteric reading several years ago I noticed sort of renegade scientists and academics, Bruce Damer and Donald Hoffman most notably, have done a lot to inform me of the practical side of this and reify my image of what it might work like in the more natural world as we’re used to thinking of it.

I remember Nick Farrell talking in one of his books about BOTA’s opening question of Seven Steps - what do you want? and it took him weeks to figure out a good answer, I was the same way. it seems like everything is contextual, what I want always has situational caveats and to set it in stone almost seems foolish. If there’s anything that I’ve felt comfortable asking spirit or asking the gods or goddesses for it’s wisdom, insight, and right direction because it’s those that are the only things I have any certainty will be helpful no matter which way my life drifts. Heck, even if someone is clairvoyant it’s highly unusual if they can see their own future and it seems like the ‘what’s your goal in five or ten years?’ question is just something you have to make up some BS for that sounds good to other people for them to feel assured that you’re at least thinking about it. Sure, you can plan but there are so many contingencies that you can’t foresee and celebrating my 40th birthday this week I can’t say any year of my life told me where I’d be in five years or what I’d be doing - it’s always been a surprise.


great post + very motivating :black_heart:

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