Magickal power - magickal accuracy = trouble

the other day i was asked to help heal a friend of a friend. i told her that i can’t promise anything but i will try and send energy to them to see what happens.

i put mystery of the fifth seal of the 6th book of moses on. i saw that it said the angel’s name was scheol but in the angel names it said schoel. so i changed it. then i put it on and i did the presence evocation as outlined by ea in mastering evocation. i did that for the last two nights and during both nights time slowed down considerably. also, yesterday the weather changed so i know something was happening but i couldn’t figure out exactly what.

this morning i asked my friend what was going on and how her friend was coming along. she said he was getting worse and asked me to stop!

i was shocked that it worked that fast and that strongly, but also disappointed.

i did some divination and it seems that i either used the wrong sigil (maybe it does the opposite of what it says) or i used it wrong (maybe i shouldn’t have changed the angel’s name but kept it the same).

her friend is going into chemo soon and i don’t want to use him as a guinea pig. i want him healed as much as possible. so tonight and until the weekend i am going to clear him using my machine and probably do some presence evocations using water or a candle.

does anyone have a sigil or a bunch of sigils they can recommend that are known to heal when used properly? if i can’t cause a full recovery, at the very least i want to undo the damage that was done so i leave my friend’s friend the way i found him and let the doctors take over and finish the job, which is what they are paid to do anyway.


Please allow me to try to respond as best as I can.

Your name, “The Fool” is a very honest description. And I mean that from my own perspective. If I had been so honest, I should have taken a name like, “The Fools fool.” So, my point is that you already have this much above me and maybe others here, so take whatever I have to say with the same sized grain of salt that the Fool would take a grain of salt from a novice.

First, I must ask you honestly, were you actually asked to help or did you volunteer your help? If you were asked, then the situation is probably out of your hands and there could be a painful yet empowering lesson to learn. But, no guilt upon you unless you allow it. Cast the guilt back to the source!

However, if you volunteered your help, even just by projecting your thoughts towards the caretakers with something like, “I can help! Just ask me!”, you may have changed the situation, opening Pandora’s box. Thus, there could still yet be a painfully empowering experience for you to learn from it, but now you are also required to take full responsibility for your actions.

Just my 2 cents.


i was asked. i generally do not volunteer to do magickal work because it is none of my business, and also because to this day i’m not sure that my magick has any effect in the real world.

in order to undo any damage, i did a general rate clearing. i haven’t heard anything from them in the last little while so i hope he’s all right.

i am wondering if i should continue to rebroadcast for him or if i should let it be. i have chosen not to get involved.

i understand that sometimes when you do a radionic healing, the situation gets worse before it improves as the body flushes out toxins, but i’m not taking any chances. i don’t want to compromise his immune system. better safe than sorry.

also, and here’s the part not too many people realize: you can be charged and fined for promising to heal diseases without being a medical doctor or psychiatrist. my advice to anyone who decides to try remote healing with a radionic machine is never to promise anything other than well-wishing.

one thing worse than when your magick doesn’t work is when it DOES work and goes in a different direction than you planned, so caveat emptor

long-overdue update to this thread:


i am still not sure if i received help in this matter, but if i did, whoever you are, thank you.

and if i did this one all on my own, it’s a personal breakthrough. i’ve never had any success in broadcasting for cancer healings before. this is my very first working on someone who recovered fully. i’m stoked about that