Magickal Observations & the 3rd Eye

Magick Observations

Magick takes persistence and effort. It’s harder than learning a musical instrument. In a sense it’s like trying to master a martial art. That said, if your Magick isn’t fun you’re not doing it right. Magick is hard, so if it isn’t fun you’ll give up. For far too many years Magick was just so difficult. I should have done something else. (Anyway, Magick is fun.)

Chanting works in a number of ways. One is as a calling. By repeating an entity’s name, enn, etc., that entity knows there’s someone calling. Another is as mind calming until nothing is going on mentally but the chant continues with full subconscious strength. Then there’s sigils.

Repetition works. There’s various theories why. I subscribe to the theory of impressing the morphic field - but I can’t prove that it’s true. I recommend doing your own research.

Learning how to properly banish, then invoke is profoundly important, but I’ll refrain from flogging a dead horse.

Magickal weapons are important as learning tools. “With the Wand createth He. With the Cup preserveth He. With the Dagger destroyeth He. With the Coin redeemeth He.” As far as I can tell it doesn’t matter whether the sword/knife is the Air or Fire element. (That said it’s Fire and if you disagree you’re wrong, maybe.)

There’s too little time to waste on pointlessness. The old grimoires are full of it. All that mind-numbing crap about incense, planetary hours, proper candle colours an animal sacrifices is great – but I simply don’t have the time or money. Long ago I learnt how to do Magick on the cheap. Instead of gold and silver I used gold and silver cardboard. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable working cheap and quick then your Magick won’t work.

Sigils and sigilization work, so why aren’t you doing it? Seriously, sigils are great as a pure lhp exercise because it’s you and your power.

Astral projection – I recommend heat creams or gels rubbed into the third eye.
Sit comfortably. Take a few deep breaths. Vibrate at least five (5) times - but not more than nine (9) - the word TOH (pronounced TOE). Before beginning to vibrate TOH the tongue should be touching your front teeth as it would be if you were just about to say ‘The’.

Vibration of words can only be learnt by experience and this exercise will help because you will know by the way you feel if you are vibrating correctly. For this reason it is advisable that you vary your vibratory method until you know you are performing it correctly – and you will!

Feel the air of your breath enter your body and imagine that it travels to your feet. Your whole being is now filled with the breath of life. As you vibrate the sound of TOH, know that it thunders from your feet, through your body and outward into the far corners of the multiverse. TOH is used only because it vibrates at the correct rate and frequency to open the Third Eye. There is no meaning to the sound.

You will know you are performing this exercise correctly when you feel the vibration inside your head, particularly a few centimetres above your nose (where your Third Eye is located). After the conclusion of the exercise you may experience some discomfort in your cranium. This cannot be helped. The entire exercise takes a relatively short time to be successfully completed.



thanks for the info uncle

I have felt that vibration energy on my ajna it was between the eyes and forehead

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Great information. Thank you for sharing your valuable experience

What I Reckon (& do)

The left hand path posits the possibility of becoming a deity centred around your ego.
The right hand path posits the possibility of becoming a deity by losing your ego.
One is isolation, the other inclusion. Both are powerful and dangerous paths, the left hand being inherently more dangerous for the self-chosen few.

I take the time to get acquainted with my own death, the mortal I am leaving behind that a God will be born, whilst reflecting upon the effects of my work after my physical death. That’s what my lhp is about: Me as a walking, talking God already and growing stronger!

I believe in Myself, in Myself alone, the worthiness of fellows, the sanctity of my Will and in Satan/Lucifer everlasting. It is Lucifer I strive to emulate and Satan who makes reality my inspiration.

Hope that helps.



When you say heat creams or gels do you mean muscle rubs and the like? I feel like I am missing something because it seems like it would hurt your eyes so close to them.

Yes, muscle rubs. You don’t need a whole lot so it won’t get in your eyes.


Yeah lets talk about it, really, I never agreed with people considering the sword to be the Air element, even on Tarot. It frustrates me in levels I cannot even describe! The sword/knife is made by fire! The wand traditionally is made of wood, so trees, so air! Why, oh why would anyone consider swords as air… :roll_eyes:

Swords cut through Air and Wands blast Fire!
So Crowley fucked up his masterwork deck by switching the elements?

But feel free and be cool. What works - works.


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Um…you do realise the symbolism is what matters, not what the object is made from, right?

The Sword represents Air, because it is symbolic of the Mind and Intellect, which cuts through delusion. We even use the symbolism in common language (at least in the West), when we say things like “she has a sharp mind,” or “hone your intellect to a fine edge,”

The Wands represent the driving force of the Will, hence Fire. The Wand is symbolic of Will given direction. It could be made out of Styrofoam and the symbolism still stands.


And I don’t see why the material which something is made from is forbidden to have a symbolism as well. Why does it have to be so one dimensional?

You’re right, but you see it only as a metaphor. Same as cups are used to contain water or other liquids, swords are made for war. And even though a certain level of Intelligence is needed (even) on war, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about war is destruction, death and fire. And not how sharp in mind is the one holding it. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Not according to some of history’s greatest swordsmen, like Miyamoto Musashi. The sharpness of the mind is paramount to properly wielding a sword. :man_shrugging:

However, you are correct, if you choose to see a sword as nothing but a blunt instrument.

Edit to add: I should mention that there are other magicians who disagree with tradition attributions. Frater U.D, for example, in his book Money Magick, believes that money belongs more appropriately to the Air element rather than Earth as it is traditionally assigned, especially in modern times when most currency these days is just 1’s and 0’s in a computer somewhere.

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You and me. You get the patent and I’ll do the marketing.
"Want a cast a death spell on your old lover? With the Golden Dawn based Styrofoam Lotus Wand, painted in approximate colours, nothing can stop you - except the price. And that’s why we’ve a special offer for the viewers…

Let’s flog a four set of Styrofoam Magickal Weapons…“and of course you can perform ritual in your pool…”


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I’m in, @Uncle-Al.

Sometime back, someone posted all this stuff under the heading Random Notes. There’s material there known as The 4 Laws of the Sphinx, but I would advise that, wouldn’t I? It’s shameless self promotion, with ulterior motives.