Magickal Objective and Endeavors

As one getting started on my own journey, I was simply curious to see what objectives or endeavors the BALG community has for their magick (that is comfortable for them to share).

I ask out of simple curiosity, lol. I know the magick works, i know the spirits are around, but my goals arent material, or even fixed objectives in and of themselves most* of the time.

As of right now, I’d like to attain a working relationship with the elder futhark, and open my eyes enough to where spiritual communication is not a pain in the ass.

While im making a post, personal shoutout to
for the personal assistance I’ve recieved.

I’d like to thank the BALG community as a whole, for their lack of inhibition and dogma in the pursuit of ascension

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No problem man.

Short term goals for me are whatever suits me really.

Long term is ascent and helping pull everyone down with me :smiling_imp:


A new short term project goal for me might be helping those across the world to establish Star Chambers … Which have nothing to do with outer space, star games, time travel or science fiction.

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My long term goal is to be a Magus, short term to get going on my ascent, putting my life back together, and becoming adept.

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There’s a futhark app you can use if you like to constantly tinker with them, even when you can’t get the physical runes out.

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My dude, thats awesome! Thanks