Magickal name

good day. my name is josef, can someone scan me regarding about what my magickal name is… thanks for those who will help and comment here. :pray:

Your magickal name can be given to you by yourself or by someone external to you, a scanning would only inspire the scanner to give you a name that you may not like. Your name can be changed if it no longer reflects your power level or path (among other reasons), so it is not something that it’s inherent to you.

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i understand… but magus can you scan my godhood? regarding about if the scanner will inspire to give me a name that i will not like, what the meaning of that? well if you can scan my magickal name as well i would appreciate it even its sounds like ugly, as long as its my magickal name then it would be or just accept it

A magickal name is a name you give yourself for the most part unless you’re under another entity, there’s nothing to scan, that’s like asking someone to spell your name for you when you’re fully capable of doing it.

As for scanning your “godform” there’s a thread for that which already exists and you should go into it without assuming you have a godform otherwise you’re just going to see what you want to see, because I can tell you right now, not everyone has a godform, atleast as the word is, your true self may be something entirely different among what exists in creation.


I suggest that you open yourself to the possibility of a magickal name (it sounds as if you already have) and even make a formal expression, by whatever means, of your desire for a magickal name. Then see what happens.

This is what I did and very soon King Paimon came to me in a dream and told me that I was to choose a name for ‘The King’, referring to Lucifer. This was all slightly confusing and it wasn’t until I awoke that I realised he meant choose my magickal name for Lucifer. King Paimon whispered in my ear a clue as to which name I should choose (we were in a library standing in front of books). From this clue (which was ‘Wildflower’) it was easily found the next morning and to me, both name and meaning are perfect.