Magickal Methods To Save My Family Urgently Needed!

Oh boy I can’t wait to read!!!


I think I am going to do this tonight. I was going to do it on Friday but things need to be handled. I literally just worked with Bune and saw the power I am blessed to be in the presence of and I KNOW they can fix all of this.


well, that’d be easier if you point out who “you” is, GeeCee.



I’m pretty new and pretty hopeless. I don’t know how to direct message on here! Or even if you can! Apologies.

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Don’t worry, it’s true new members have to contribute a little bit before they gain the function.
That’s why i asked you to adress who specifically is asked to PM you.
It’s been ment to help you get the conversation started you aimed for.



Thank you for your patience. My request was directed at NewToThis26.

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I have found Belial and King Paimon to be very helpful, I think calling them here could help you.

Maybe some of these could help as well. I found these Daemons to be true to their word on helping me change my mindset. It could be directed at another person not yourself.

I post the last because maybe what your targets need is a boost to their ego. I get the feeling they are hurting so maybe easing their minds could push them to come home.

Haagenti and Ipos are underrated in my eyes and Orias is a master of manipulation.

I’ve also tried out what a Youtuber called a Manifestation Journal. You put collage, drawings words, sigils, symbols, anything you want in this book then gaze at the image result like you’d do a sigil, putting your desire into it. You can repeat as often as you like until you see results.

Hope this helps.


Maybe instead of trying to change other people you should call Lucifer and ask him to help you change yourself. That can be very good for you. A true god doesnt need other people and that is His idea. You should be your own god.

What if a true king could make you stop needing other people to fill in peace?

Soon you would realize that everything is ephemeral…

But yeah, if you call up them they can help you getting what you want. Maybe not 100% as you plan but they are very good at what they do.

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Good luck! I’m looking forward to hearing your success story once all of this comes to pass :wink:

Good luck! Keep us posted, but don’t share too much. I honestly don’t know why I wrote the last sentence. Ha!

Thanks so much. I am working with the 9 kings like C. Kendall suggested and both Belial and Paimon are in there. I just finished doing my cards with their sigils on them today. Part of the reason I felt today was good was that my son is going out so I can do the ritual. I won’t have to do it in parts or rush it at all and I felt that was best. I bought a 5 subject notebook to start taking notes on each and how to work with them in the way that will benefit me the most before I begin. I have candles, caol, incense and everything else suggested. Just need to get my mind right and maybe some enns on YouTube to assist that.

@Cleo I messaged you.

@Eibwen_glab Thank you. I wish the same for you as well.

@M2380 Thank you. I know it will work, but I will only report back once things are successful. Set it and forget it, right?


Yes, I am not a pro, I am trying to learn too. Ive learnt that counting from 100 to 0 twice aka meditation helps me clear my mind of any thoughts I might have, even what worries me right now. In general, have some secrets between you and whomever is/are helping you with their powers :wink: I know it’s not my place to tell you what to do or what not to do, it was just a thought :slight_smile: I hope it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable

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I think I get it. Feel free to PM me if you’d like to clarify.

I appreciate you respecting my boundaries.

Since my son’s girlfriend is the basis of most of the problems, I have decided to get rid of her. Not kill. Just separate her from my husband, my son and me FOREVER. Any suggestions on how best to do that are welcome.

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This is a good start: Vovin's Freeze Spell ~ from

Make sure to word it very clearly for her specific situation that she stays away from you AND your son.

What do you mean by “only magick”: the type of rituals and/or spirits to work with for such things?

There are couple of things you must know about the illusion (but real experience) of freewill. They are not the usual “3-fold law” or average karmic concepts but it might be of interest to you if you’re not fully aware of them already. I will, of course, wait for you to explicitly ask for my suggestions on the illusion of choice.

i am asking that no one tell me to leave my husband or things like that. I am staying with him.

I am not going to discuss my personal issues at length or detail anymore than I already have. I’m not going to put my future on the line being naive enough to think no one can find this board. Only I know what is going on and what each person wants and doesn’t want. You can choose to help knowing that I covered all the bases or decide not to help based on the same information.

If you will only help knowing he is miserable where he is and wants to come home but has gotten himself into an embarrassing mess he doesn’t know how to get out of, then be sure that is the case. I have spoken to my son at length as well so all I am doing is not only for the best of all involved, but what he wants. The only person who will be unhappy is her and it’s her actions that put all of this into motion in the first place and kept it going. Which is why I’ve chosen to remove her. I only kept her in it for my son’s sake and she’s hurt him repeatedly given chance after chance to fix things while simultaneously hurting my husband. She’s unhappy because she made choices that weren’t well thought out. Even as things are she’s miserable. However, so are three other people. With her out of the way and my husband and I reconciled, three people will be happy and her life won’t change much.

@Lady_Eva Thank you for the suggestion. I had to wait to get the final answer from my son to put the full plan into action. I did have it saved from my previous reading.

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I’d say I never give “moral” advice because I am fundamentally amoral. However, I do recognise the true nature of reality, i.e. Infinite Acausal Existence (Pure consciousness), and the illusory nature of this dual experience called “life”. You know this too but your identification with your persona might be making it a bit harder to see on a frequent basis.

Please understand that the illusory reality of dual experience in which seeming “individuals” and “others” exist is utterly governed by the immutable law of cause-and-effect, i.e. the belief in separation creates the experience of the same. Free will is actually an illusion based in duality for True Self has no will because it lacks nothing. In terms of its relevance to rituals/magic, this means that any ritual work founded in duality is lesser in potency, reliability and can be counter-productive to the operator. You see the only reason magic works is because all things are One and separation is an illusion. However, the instant you use magic from the standpoint that you are a separate individual seeking to influence another you operate on a weaker foundation and perform more limiting (or lesser) magic.

My suggestions:

  1. Rather than seeking to influence the seeming other, why not focus on aligning or knowing more about your True Nature? Doesn’t seem as “sexy” at first but it is extremely powerful in the long-run.

  2. If you must work rituals, use calm or slightly more positive mental structures. Avoid setting negative objectives, i.e. destroy this, bind this, remove that etc., just define a relatively simple but generally positive or soothing outcome definition like “X is happy and well” or things like that.

  3. You can use a plethora of ritual tools. I’ve used the Necronomicon Spellbook to great effect, spirits like Barashakushu, Zisi, Tutu, Luggaldimmerankia and the like symbolises the general ballpark of your objective. That said, you could work with any other system like the Olympian Spirits of the Arbatel, Nordic Systems (perhaps Freya and Freyr who symbolises more domestic aspects), Mother Mary or any other of the Christian pantheon.

  4. If you’re not doing so already, please consider engaging in daily meditation and frequent empowering mental exercises like appreciation, positive imagining or, at least, directing your focus to something more constructive emotionally in whatever form suits you. Ultimately, the net result of any experience is a feeling we must never lose sight of this immutable truth while pursuing temporal, transient and illusory forms that symbolise the feeling.


I will answer each suggestion (and I thank you kindly for taking your time).

  1. I actually did that just today. I began a new thread because a lot has been happening and I had some questions. The thread is here: Weird things have been happening since I joined here

  2. In the other workings I did, I was advised to “be nice”. Well being nice doesn’t work with everyone. I have been forced to smile while enduring some of the worst things a person can endure my entire life. It’s done nothing but almost destroy me. If someone tries to kill you, its nothing short of madness to say, “Hey that’s ok.” No, you get that son of a bitch back or they may very well try to do it again. And usually they do try to do it again. Being nice doesn’t stop them and it doesn’t teach a lesson. If they don’t start anything, there is nothing for me to end. Cause —> effect. My son’s ex has played around enough. She must be stopped.

  3. I have looked into the Necronomicon Spellbook. I will order it tonight. I have a few more rituals on deck. King Paimon and I need to have a talk ( I mean that will all due respect; I think him and I will work well together).

  4. I am working on that. Inner peace is very important. I just discovered Mehmi’on, but I can’t find an enn. I believe I have some bindings on me that have burdened me in the past that I need to be released from.

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  1. Indeed. Those are not actually “weird”–nothing is weird/normal and everything is weird/normal–but just perfect correspondences to your individual consciousness at any instant.

  2. It’s not about being “nice” to others: it’s about being nice to you as evidenced by the general feeling the definition of the ritual outcome brings in you. The negative emotion you feel is the result of accepting the illusion of separation as the truth and fighting back just keeps you chained to the limitation. In fact, all too often, the so-called achievement of negative outcomes very often results in greater bondage to the illusion. Please remember, right and wrong are not absolute realities–not even in duality–but cause-and-effect is immutable and totally inescapable if one is attached to the illusion. Finally, as I said in (4) in my previous post: the net result of any experience is the feeling: how does your outcome feel to you? Whatever approach you choose I strongly suggest defining your ritual outcome according to how it feels to you
    All that said, anger is probably better than fear, helplessness and trying to please others but be very cautious about making fixed judgements because nothing that is in your experience is truly separate from your consciousness. Judge not that ye be not judged is utterly valid on multiple levels for God–your True Self–cannot and does not actually discern or judge.

  3. No need to order it unless you want a hard copy. It is free as far as I know and among the simplest.

  4. You don’t need any spirit oriented rituals for inner peace: just meditate and practice being present in the moment in day-to-day life. Perhaps spend 30 seconds - 2 minutes every hour to quickly, perhaps even mechanically, list–just recognise or notice the things in your experience that you value. I’d suggest reading/watching “The Secret” trilogy by Rhonda Byrne ( :slight_smile: it’s a bit commercial but the fundamental principle is immutable :slight_smile:), read all of Neville Goddard’s work–free online, watch a lot of Abraham-Hicks videos to glean the essential (repeating) principles but not the specific answers she channels to attendees at her workshop, read the The Kybalion etc. You could also engage in yoga or any other physical activity to “burn” off some of that negativity.