Magickal journal software_assistence please!

Greetings Crawlers of The Night,

I wanted to ask if any Adept’s out there could recommend a customizable journaling software for me to use?

I have a rather large binder that I’m in the process of building, and have been adding to that houses all my meditation exercises…etc. My own Book of Shadows if you will.

But I’m one that loves to use my computer to type and my Magickal handwritten journals are OK, but it’s getting to the point where I want to put EVEYTHING in one place.

Can anyone please steer me in the direction of a journaling software that I can do the following:

  1. Obviously customize to suit my Magickal Journal needs: time/date, operation/or excercise, phase of moon…weather…blah blah blah

  2. A software that I can set up the margins so I can print & hole punch my entries

  3. Journaling software that will allow me to use both sides of the paper

Please excuse this request if it sounds somewhat trivial. Before coming to the BALG to ask, I did do my research and found some crappy teenie bopper “Personal Journaling” crappo, and Micro Soft website I found rather lacking.

Also, although I was in the software industry for many years, I’m NOT a programmer and perhaps everything I need/want I could do in MS Word…but I really don’t want to spend my time learning how to do that.

The majority of the next several months are going to be immersed is learning from TCW, and a few other projects.

Thanks all!!!


I don’t know of any journaling software, though I would be interested to learn what you find in your search.

In the meantime, try to take all your notes in an easily transferable format, like Word, .doc, .txt, etc. What I personally do, if it is just writing, is I’ll open up notepad and make a .txt file, and then give it a good name along with the date.

The best naming convention would be ..-.txt with the date in format – so, if I were to make a journal entry about this conversation, I would name it 2013.06.14-journal convo.txt

That way, the journal entries will show up in your folder, already chronologically sorted. If I do a drawing or something in a sketchbook, I’ll scan it and name it the same way – 2013.06.14-journal sketch.jpg

Inside the document itself, I’ll try to put the date again (and probably the time) and the general topic as the heading. Then I will proceed with the journaling.

You might even have a folder for all your journal entries, perhaps with subfolders for specific topics, years, etc. Try not to get too crazy with the folders, as you’ll hide your info, but a few subfolders can help keep the main folder tidy. You can also keep notes this way in research folders you have. For instance, say you have a folder for yoga. Then conversations you have with gurus/teachers could also be saved there. Or if you have a folder for BaLG, and you took notes during a consult with EA or a convo with a fellow member, you could save those notes in the BaLG folder.


That’s how I personally do it, though a journaling program could be cool too. Let us know how it goes.

best journaling app I use on my PC is:

its free

[quote=“S.V.E, post:3, topic:1270”]best journaling app I use on my PC is:

its free[/quote]

I love you… I’ve been stuck using microsoft works for my journal, note taking and writing… and my god it is the most useless piece of crap you could ever come by… if even sometimes crashes from pasting one page to another

thanks guys!!!


Hey Mode,

I could use the same thing myself. I have used Perl before which is a platform independant scripting language that can produce reports.
Let me see what I can do, it will help take my strained mind off of my kabalah insights and other things – by the way – my background check and drug test passed, I start the new job Monday, and will get paid a bit for it … e-Book, here I come!!

It’ll be tested on a Windows 8 Toshiba laptop with strawberry Perl. I’ll give you the specifics on the version of perl later. (I know, I should be using Linux, but still have to pulll data off of my old Dell PC and get all the hardware info before I wipe the drive and get ahold of a CD with SuSE on it for the install)
Strawberry perl also has the gcc compiler for C and C++, I may implement that in those two langs after the perl run.

James Del Fuego

Very cool man and good to hear! Sometimes in life we just need a teeny tiny bit of encouragement, and, it’s even sweeter when WE are the ones pulling ourselves up from our own bootstraps isn’t it?


Yes, found out by human method why money was not getting to me, found out the unemployment card I was waiting on was turned over to the bank, yet they were deciding not to get going on it, so I had them get going on it. So should have that and the start of the new job both on Monday, so the eBook should be getting ordered early next week :slight_smile:

Also, just wanted to let you know I was getting a late start on this, but since my new job will be dealing with unix scripting and perl, as well as some ERP they use, I have a weekend to get going on getting my skills wayyy up there. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mode!

James Del Fuego