Magickal Group Working - Black magick

Hi guys.

So recently or we’ll just got off what I would call an extremely good group working, towards various ends for all concerned.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with dedicated mages to accomplish goals for us all…

However, I would like to keep the ball rolling, albeit maybe in a different fashion.

Thus, I’m creating a working group for the first 13 individuals whom want to be part of it.

This will mostly be concerned with money Magick, financial freedom and baneful workings.

So if any of the above 2 fancies you pls feel free to join.

Set up and how we go forward with it will be communicated as soon as we have our group together and ready.

As a side note, because we will also be focusing on baneful work I would like beginners to refrain from joining unless you are certain and adept in your workings.

Once again this is a working group, towards the best ends for us all concerned. Not a big group. But a group that will yield power and results.

Feel free to contact any time.

Dark regards


Just two weeks then?

Okay, I’m in. If I’m welcome here.

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You’re in @ReyCuervo.

Good stuff.
Ya will communicate a time frame as soon as we get the numbers in.

But looking at 2-3 weeks tops my friend.


Okay, King. Hope is soon, so I can get back to work. I reaaally want to just keep practicing and two days of rest is enough for me.


Agreed brother.

Same, just need to keep going.
Consistency manifests.


I’d want this to start from this coming Monday 15 Feb 2021.

Just for a break, to make sure of what the participants needs and so forth.

So in essence we need to finaise and get things in order by this coming weekend Sunday the latest.

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Also just to clarify a bit.

Each individual will have to have 1 working done.

Money/financial or baneful is up to you.

But only one request.

And specifics here is very important, especially with regards to baneful works.


I’m in! Not an adept but not a beginner either. I have experience with baneful.

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Noted… You’re in

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Interested. Would like to hear more about this

Didn’t I say I wasn’t doing anything for a year? You had me at the money Magick :joy:


I don’t usually request money magic, but I will join.


Did you get any confirmed results at least once? Do you have a system that works for you? Maybe you can join.



Ok, save a spot for me. Let’s get that money fam.


Half of the family is already here, am I right?


The gang is back together again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grin:


Count me in.


No worries… What would you be looking at… Baneful or money?


So just also to mention the entities that have stepped up to the drawing board on this round of workings have been

Satan and Asmodeus

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What if I don’t need anything, but would be willing to help others?

There are an awful lot of baneful things in this book I’d like to try out.

I wouldn’t even need my own slot…