Magickal friends with benefits group please read if you joined

Important question for those who signed up.

Would you guys be willing to take the private group workings to discord?


So I’m clear, this is for the messaging mechanism, right?

Its where the group would be… And the list of whose days are when.

You dont get locked out and have to start another group after 500 posts and its easier to keep up with things. Plus I do have some useful material already in my discord group. Which is a small group of A1 magicians.

Its very low key.
I think it could be alot easier for this group to function there. But I’ll take a group vote on it.

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Okay I want to make it clear @Empress_Arianna is permitted to do this due to inherited rights from former workings, before the rule changed, this is NOT generally permitted. @Empress_Arianna could you invite via PM pls to avoid confusions? :hamster:

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Oooh can I join this year too??

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I could but itd kinda be a pain since I messed my phone up and its on that desk setting I can’t see things right and miss stuff. Part of why I’m asking to move the group. I still can’t find away to change it back.

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Sure I’m open to discord. I’ll have to download the app tonight. I have hughesnet and have to download during the unlimited time of 2am to 8am. Great idea Arianna! :grinning:

I am okay with whatever works best for the group :grinning:

Please send me the link in pms!

@Angelb1083 do you mind if I pm you the link and maybe you could pass it on to the others. If you dont mind. Just get the names from the original post. Hekate Harken Well.

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Sure go ahead.

This will have to wait til tomorrow I have an emergency

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ok hope it goes well

Ok let me know if you need anything

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