Magickal cure for autism?

I am slightly on the spectrum. I have heard the theories that everyone is on it to a certain degree. I just suffer with it really badly and it makes me aggressive. I have tried every stupid diet and method out there to help me but it hasn’t worked.

I don’t think I’m on the spectrum but I have had battles with MH

I personally find meditation is what helps above anything. Hard to do when you’re not in a motivated place to try it but I find if I make myself it usually helps. Try Wim Hof method - I find I get a more impactful feeling from it

A diet won’t cure your autism O.o
My advice: go to a good psychologist and see if you really have autism or not. Cause you’re right, everyone is “slightly” on the spectrum. Doesn’t mean you really have autism. It’s like when you have a stomach pain you don’t automatically have stomach cancer. I don’t know you, so I can’t judge, but I really suggest you go visit someone who can.
Whether you have it or not, just accept it as part of your personality, and if you’re bothered by something, work on it. Cause even autists can work on their behaviour to some point.


I am also on the spectrum, diagnosed with the discontinued term “Asperger”.

Autism is nothing you can cure, it is a lifelong condition.
It is easy to blame everything bad on it, but that is just laziness.

I have dealt with my own autism with the use of invocation, and perhaps, I have become a better invoker just because of my autism, as it have likely lead to me thinking in new ways within a model cultivating order, honesty, and creativity.

Don’t blame shortcomings on autism, don’t consider it something to be cured, but rather find strengths in it and seek introspection to understand you for you and then work from there.


They gave me many labels.
ADHD, ADD, Autism spectrum thing called MCDD (Weirdest diagnose ever) .
i just came to a point where i didn’t gave a fuck anymore.

Ask yourself: Why would you wanna cure it? Can you live with yourself or is it to satisfy the people around you?


There is no “cure” for autism: it’s just how your brain is wired. Probably better to focus on magic that will increase your levels of self acceptance and your ability to manage those social situations that you might find difficult. This advice comes out of both being a practicing magician and the experience of having worked intensively with young adults and children on the spectrum for the past ten years.

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I guess the labels are just as useless today as they ever were.



My younger sister is on the spectrum actually. She had some issues with aggression as well and she found that martial arts and meditation helped her quite a bit (it also helps when another family member is interested in it as well, in this case me). I agree that there is no spell to cure autism, but there are spiritual practices to help you accept and further develope yourself, whether you are on the spectrum or not.

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There’s a difference between receiving a label and receiving a diagnosis.

The former is a description while the other is needed so you can get the proper help you need.


I would never cure my autism. Thanks to autism (in my case, what people call “asperger syndrom”) I spend my time with books and not with shitty people.


Why would I want to accept the worst part of myself?

I think that might be your answer - it’s the part of you which needs acceptance and love. There’s a quote “what you resist, persists”

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You did not ask me this but I may have an answer that clarifies things. One of the most powerful and difficult spiritual practices is called shadow working. It involves looking hard at yourself, seeing the parts of yourself you find to be the worst, accepting they are part of you, and working on channeling it in ways that are beneficial to you. This is done in order to prevent those emotions/aspects to be buried and fester within, which leads to highly destructive behavior.

For example, I had quite a temper that would often result in physical fights. I was known for my berserker behavior, especially when threatened. I have broken the bones of many people, some who honestly deserved it and others who did not. I was on a path to jail time from assault eventually if I hadn’t started to mediate and reflect on the source of all the rage. I eventually began to channel it into my martial arts study as well as work outside of it that eventually brought resolution to the problem (long conversations with my parents, putting an end of an ex who tried to come back into my life, etc). It is not an easy process, nor is it a quick solution. I still have a temper, but not nearly as bad. But by learning to recognize the worst parts of ourselves and channel them into things that improve us, we take the power of our lives back into our hands, away from the depths of our shadow.


Either you have it or not. If you have it and want to accept it then fair enough. But if you don’t have it then it’s kind of rude for you to tell me accept it. You don’t know how autism affects me. It’s killing me.

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His comment wasn’t rude at all.
You got some really good advice here.
From many people.


Autism is one of those vague diagnostic labels that really doesn’t say anything.
I mean, what is it supposed to be about? People having trouble with the social conventions and unwritten rules? Sensory Processing disorders that cause meltdowns? Being interested in one thing to the point of obsession? A strong distaste for doing what you think you are supposed to do to fit in with society?
Your whole problem is you are using a term that is vague and meaningless created by people who want to basically put others in boxes.


There isn’t going to be an abracadabra type spell to cure you of autism… even if there was and I was wrong - you have not lived life without it and would certainly not instantly adapt to a fulfilling life.

However, you can transmute energy with magick is my understanding. You mention the aggression affecting you badly…

Getting a bit philosophical here but- In a way as what you are seeking to affect Magickly is yourself and the work is within you…

What happens when you show love to someone who is aggressive? Usually initial shock as they expect you to return the aggression and often you can transform the situation through love

Some people believe love and hate are the same thing on opposite ends of a spectrum and you can shift or change the energy from one to the other

As I don’t think I am autistic I’m not sure if my way of trying to explain is helpful but I’m trying to say - you can change the energy you feel within with Magick. But begin by accepting that this is you NOW

And loving yourself in the NOW is what will begin the process. Show love to yourself for who you are now… and you will become who you want to be. You may still have autism at the end. But you will be happier with it if you do.

In fact I read a book called autism breakthrough once about a family I think who simply showed love to the autism in a child and accepted it- the result they reported was akin to a cure. I’m not sure if I believe that the autism was cured as such but it certainly transformed their experience with autism into a positive by treating it differently

@CinnamonBitch, I am going to be perfectly blunt here, based on your latest responses.

What you ask for is perfectly possible, but what you need to do is introspection and shadow work.
You have gotten both good and bad responses here, but to achieve what you CLAIM you want will require you do some long and hard work with yourself.

There is no quick fix, and no point asking for it.

First, you need to stop consider yourself a helpless victim, that won’t help you at all.
Second, prepare yourself for truths which you will want to reject, but resolve yourself to neither look away or let it go.
Third, remind yourself that you want this, if you don’t, you will just fail.

If you need help or support, I am pretty sure the forum is willing to give you it in this matter, as so many here do shadow work.

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Even though you are asking for a cure, often most forms of medicine cannot provide that for many physical diseases. What are your spiritual symptoms and negative experiences of autism? Aggression can come from lots of different sources. Is it fear, do you need compassion, is it self loathing? If you identify the source of your social aggression it could make it easier to identify a spirit that can help you.