Magickal Cashbook - Damon Brand | My Journey

I wanted to document my journey with “The Magickal Cashbook” by Damon Brand. I find that input and questions from forum members usually helps steer me in the right direction. Plus, I’m pretty open to criticism. Constructive or not.

Allow me to start by saying, this is not my first magickal undertaking. I have another thread on here where I tried to contact Ladilock and things didn’t really go as planned. This is a new venture and something different. I’m the type of person that’s very empirical about data. I love to document and verify results. Try to notice the small things. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I will put forth a concentrated effort. Both on my own merit and with this magic. My paradigm is Laveyan Satanism. I keep getting pulled towards magic, so I figured try it out. I don’t want to die and have a surprise that all this isn’t just in my head.

Let’s begin.

It started by me downloading this book from the internet just as a goof to give it a read. Then I went to the website and read that they had placed a curse on people who stole the book. I figured if I’m going to take this 50 something page “book” seriously, I should buy it. It was something cheap like $15. No big deal. Let’s not start off on the wrong foot.

I had been watching Savanaha from Black Witch Coven on YouTube talk about money magic and she used a green candle. Now, this isn’t anywhere in the book or their website, but I had read that Nitika is fond of Green and Orange. I figured, let’s just get a green candle. It felt right for money magic. I’m at HEB doing grocery shopping and thought, hmmm, let me get this green Gain smelling candle, that’ll be nice. Then I couldn’t find a grey and orange notebook so in my head I was just like, “Screw It” and put the candle back on the shelf. As soon as I did that, the glass candle dropped and broken glass everywhere. I apologized and offered to pay because I legitimately felt bad.

Now did it slip? Did I not put it on the shelf right? Did the smallest bit of force push it right as I put it on there. Who knows. Weird though. I ended up going to Hobby Lobby and buying the following. A green candle, a candle holder, the notebook, orange covering for the notebook and some markers. It was about $15. Altogether I’m in this thing $30.

I had arts and crafts time for 30 minutes today and created the book. Need to fill the stuff in on the inside. I can’t share what’s in the book because I feel I shouldn’t. If you search the web or YouTube you’ll find reviews and get an idea of what’s in the book and notebook. I’ll try to speak in generalities about the method, but specifics about me.

It makes common sense that if you only generate $500 a week, you shouldn’t ask for $100,000. Is it possible, sure. Likely? Nope. For me and my 9-5 I generate about $1K a week. I’m asking for $5K, as I personally can think of multiple ways this cash could come to me. I need this money to pay my taxes, but I won’t die if I don’t get it. It’d just be nice. I’m not lusting or super tied to the results.

I’m more excited about the fact that I have created a tool for the spirit world, and more importantly will be trying to contact one. Now, some people just say the words with some fake emotion and just go through the motions like Sunday Church. There’s still a lot I don’t know and I’m sure I’m doing stuff wrong, but I’m giving it a good effort.

The game plan:

This ritual has to be done for up to 11 days in a row. My living room is empty. I don’t have a couch because I don’t use one. So this space is open for ritual. Only work is done in this room, no leisure. I have taken notes on the book as far as what to say and what to do and will follow that best I can. Maybe read the book 1 more time to make sure I got everything covered.

Considering doing the Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. The book said that this ritual was designed to where you didn’t have to do that. I was watching Damien Echols and he recommended doing it twice a day to “crystalize your aura”. Whatever that means. It looks like a silly dance to me, but I’m too ignorant on the topic to have an educated opinion.

I don’t know what time of day, or what direction I face, do I sit / stand or things like that. It seems that most people are just doing it and having success. I was told to have a specific need in mind and to focus on what it feels like when it’s met. I’m going to light that candle stand in the center of my living room and have a go at it.

Now for the other side of the coin.

Is this just a ritual to focus my intent and help me focus on my goal? Hard to say. I know humans use rituals to build their lives because we’re social creatures. For example, what we do when we wake up, or the 3242 thing women do before they go to bed. Few parts of life aren’t ritual / habit based.

It could all be a huge waste of time and $30, but I’m willing to believe and take that chance. I’ll check back here tonight for any tips you guys have. I feel good about doing this. I feel honest since I bought the book. I’ve been practicing the Hebrew words to at least sound competent. Ready to give it a go.

Thanks for your time and any feedback you have!


I have used magickal cashbook for about five years on and off, my only regret is that I didn’t use it more often. The last four times I asked for money, it was significant amounts e.g. £2000, £3000 GBP, £5000 GBP, £7500 and they came through.

I have a much higher success rate than I did when first starting out, but I think I am far more relaxed and quietly confident these days which definately helps with manifestation.


I started with asking for $300 , then $500, $700, $1500 then took a year break as I was new and learning other magick , started again this year with $500 , and just last week $1000 . I usually write in the book where the money came from , I also add discounts and free stuff I received for things I was going to pay anyway and it always adds up to make the amount I asked for :blush:last one was pretty special as on the first day of ritual asking for $1000 I got my job back which was lost due to Covid last March , but I still continued with the rest of the ritual .



Hey everyone, thanks for replying and sharing your experiences.

Tonight was the first night I actually did the ritual.

I practiced some of the words twice, but still don’t have it down. EH for example says it sounds like “yeah” without the “y”. I keep saying “A” or “aye” because “eah” sounds weird. I dunno. I tried and had emotion in there best I knew how.

So I practiced until I felt good about it.

Looked up some candle magic for green candles and realized I had none of the herbs I needed. I think contacting a spirit is more powerful magic than light a candle. None the less, I just felt like the green candle had a place. I thought of positive vibes and lit it.

Performed the ritual.

In the middle there I thought some gratitude was in order, and maybe some relationship building. Hey, thanks, heard you’re awesome, let’s do work type of thing after I wrote down the amount. Tried to be authoritarian, but not a dick. A leader perhaps?

I’ll be honest, I put effort and feeling into it because I need this money, but not going to die if I don’t get it. Just need an ally helping me. I can’t help but wonder is the ritual just that? A physical reminder to concentrate my efforts on a goal. Is Nikita a part of my subconscious that awakens to accomplish it. Or is this ritual actually contacting a spirit that is beyond my level of experience and capability.

During the ritual I didn’t experience anything weird. I was more focused on doing the ritual to notice my surroundings. I had to read the steps out of the book to get the order right, so I’ll work on that. My mind gets caught up in petty things before hand like, should I be wearing pants, or should I be sitting down. I mean this is a spirit that’s existed for who knows how many years and is going to alter the past and future to bring me wealth and I do an evocation in my boxers sitting at my desk. My justification was, what if I was working in my bosses house, and he was in his boxers. I’d be okay with that. Silly I know.

I’ve lost in a week what I’m asking to gain so it’s possible to manifest and I will try to do it myself. I’m over-sharing here, but I know how helpful these insights (if any) are to people trying magic for the first time. As this is a rather simple book at 50 some odd pages. I figured it’s geared toward the newcomer.

I don’t get why the moon spirit sigil is on the back as it’s not part of the ritual. Anyways, after the ritual. I sat for a moment and thought about how awesome it is to have that money and complete my goal. I then blew out the candle and fanned the good vibes into the air. Looked at the sigil with some more good vibes and put the book away.


  1. What’s the point of the moon sigil on the back if it’s not apart of the ritual? I know the grey and orange mean something for the cashbook cover.

  2. I’ve heard that magi items are to be treated as sacred. Does storing the book face down have any significance? There’s an instance in the book when he says to put the sigil face down as if this means something.

  3. Sound I be facing a specific direction? Spirit specific surroundings like smells, food, or drink, etc.? I know the green candle is associated with Venus and that’s South East, but if Nitika is associated with a different way I don’t know. Can’t find a lot of info other than Nitika is India or Hindo for “keeper of precious stones”.

The book has been stored this way, respectfully with the cashbook along with other books. I will perform the ritual tomorrow and keep track of any windfalls or random cash that comes my way. I’m excited, nervous, anxious, trying to be chill. Did I mess something up, did I come across sincere, did Nitika hear me? I was pretty loud about it.

Stay Tuned!

P.S. I originally was looking at Demons of Magic and thinking about getting on a pathway to contacting Bune, but decided I should learn ritual and become a little bit more confident before taking on that task. Not our of fear, more out of respect. I want to do it right and the best way I know how. Plus, I’ve heard Nitika can do great things as you all posted above. I don’t want to say I have faith or hope because those are indicative of indecisiveness, but I’ve taken action. Let’s see what comes of it.

As always, advice, concerns, criticism welcome. My financial ascension is paramount!


Performed the ritual even though I had a down day in the financial markets.

A friend lifted my spirits and it reminded me that sometimes it’s good to take a break and get away from it all.

2/27 - 2/28

My devotion to the ritual was tested. In the book it says “If you don’t make time for Nitika, why would she make time for you?” I normally perform the ritual at night, but was going to be gone. I had to put the ritual first and remember what we’re working towards. Likewise when I returned home I just wanted to sleep, but I did the ritual anyways.


Low and behold, today I had a really green day. I’m up just about what I lost in the markets. Now my line of work is very up and down cash wise. I could shrug this off and say, well it’s a reversion to the mean. The markets bounce back. I prefer to see the association of me performing the ritual and positive results happened. The goal is going to be accomplished.

I get caught up in the “what if” game. What if I didn’t do the ritual? What if the markets kept going down? Now I’m not naive enough to think my actions changed the entire financial market for my benefit. But I do believe where I was with certain plays made a difference. It’s all speculative in that context.

In regards to the ritual, I’ve been doing the same thing as outlined in the book. I pause and have a little “pep talk, good job, we can do it” moment in there before I dismiss. Just bringing positive vibes. I haven’t felt, heard, or seen anything during these rituals. Maybe the candle glows a little taller or brighter. Maybe the black on white paper has an affect on the eyes that messes with the sigil.

Just trying to be non-biased and document as I go. Stay Tuned!