My Own Principles Of Magick.

The principles of magick which I have read are very helpful indeed, however over ten years I have followed these main principles in my path.

  1. Intention - It all begins with intention, what are you trying to manifest. Ask yourself why are you trying to manifest it, forming the intention and solidify it in you’re heart, mind and soul.

  2. Desire - Once intention is set, the desire within will build. This is nessercary it becomes the drive of the magician, the motivation of ones own power. Allow the desire to accumulate until it’s overwhelming, until it is like air you need it to breathe.

  3. Plan Of Action - You now have the desire and intention, which is great however a plan of action needs to set. What is it you’re trying to achieve and what is the best way to do it.

Really analyse the situation, would certain forces need to be used. Certain spirits, certain energies, certain emotions, certain items.

Create the best plan you can with what you have.

  1. Meditation - What changes do you have to make within the self, before creating this specific change in ritual. For example if it is to do with Love, you’d need to fill yourself with love.
    Vibrating upon that frequency is important, to bring about the change. Not only is the frequency important but also the emotions and mind of the magician is key.

If you’re doing something baneful, you need to invoke baneful forces. You need to rouse within you’re psyche the apex predator instinct. You need to shift within you’re self, negative emotions like Hate, Rage, Spite etc. Same with situations like love, you should feel loved, you’re mind should be soothing and peaceful. The emotions should be happiness, compassion, serenity, passion etc.

The mind and emotions must be disciplined, for the ritual. I suggest invoking the energies nessercary for a certain amount of time before the actual ritual. Then embrace these energies allow them to transform the thoughts and emotions of the self.

Now that’s done, simply meditating on the desired outcome, is key.

  1. The Ritual - Prepare all items, it’s great to spend a lot of time on preparing as it is a form of immersion into the ritual. It is also a act of dedication and devotion.

All items gathered, charged, consecrated, blessed and imbued with energies, power and intent. The external temple is set up through physical and spiritual cleaning, the temple of self is also prepared.

You may now call watchtowers, or call the Gatekeepers, or archangels. Maybe you’re calling down planetary forces and elements, maybe you’re summoning a specific entity whatever.

You begin the postures, the circumambulation, the mantras, mudras. Incantations, Conjurations, Litanies, Statements of Intention and Will.

Candles are lit, incense is rising, swords/staffs/spears/athames are waved.
Gems or crystals are beaming with power.

You do all you have planned in the ritual.

  1. Personal Divinity - Here’s the thing though, you may have all the anointed coloured candles.
    Specific herb’s and crystals, perfectly drawn and blooded symbols. The best items and on the correct planetary hours, this means absolutely NOTHING.

If you have not realised you’re own divinity, the whole ritual will be useless. If you haven’t realized you are the operator of you’re reality.
The god of you’re world, the devil of you’re life, the creator and destroyer then why do the ritual.

Here’s what you should realise before you step into you’re circle.

“I have the blood of my ancestors flowing through me, their power is mine. They aid me, they strengthen me. The blood of a god flows through my veins. The forces of magick are all around me and within me. The very air which I breathe is prana, it is the liquid fiery light of all creation. It is the force of all planes and realms and it’s is flowing through me. The very element of air is in my lungs, I am the clayborn thereby my flesh is the earth, my body is filled with the element water. Fire is the within me for the sunlight is stored within me, so I am also the element of fire. I am composed of the four elements, the enriched cosmic dust of stars are even within my body. Within me is the microcosmic holographic aethyric double of creation, therefore all the world’s exist within and without. I am the result of the union between male and female, therefore I am the Feminine force, the night, the darkness and the moon.
I am the masculine force, the day, the light and the sun. If I breathe and will it so, my aura shall go beyond the confines of all that is connecting me to all that is. I am the emanation of the source, therefore within me is the power within all things. I am God, I am the master of my world, for human is the only creature that has a body in all planes, I stand here in this circle in the physical, I stand here in this circle in the astral, I stand here in this circle in the casual plane, I stand here in this circle in the mental plane, I stand here in all planes simultaneously.”

Think of all that you’re potential to even be greater, now as you step inside the circle.
Feel yourself expanding and you’re above and also centred within all reality, the circle is the eternal and you are the heart of the eternal.

Invoke that, rouse you’re true power, connect to thee all. When this state is accessed and the trance which carries us through the world’s you’ll be capable of miracles.

So combine you’re own divinity with the ritual, all tools are emanations of yourself.

  1. Exhaustion - In the ritual the desire, the need and want for you’jre goal to manifest should be drained completely from you.

This is why allowing yourself to be physically, mentally, emotionally drained is sometimes key.
Exhaust you’re power, you’re desire do it all with an iron will.

  1. The Ending - So when does the magick end, many believe it’s when we say stuff like.

“So mote it be”, “So it is done” etc.

That’s not entirely true, you think cause you’ve walked out of the temple or ritual area that you’re done. It is important to realise you’re still performing the ritual outside of that space.

  1. Magick Beyond The Temple
  • Now you’ve left it all behind, you’re gonna be waiting aren’t you ?. Don’t look for success, don’t try and look for signs. Know that it is coming to you, think of it like you already have it.

The hardest part, is ‘letting go’ however as soon as you’re distracted and you forget about it all, or don’t care if it comes is the moment it’ll come to you.

I have the best mantra for magick, the greatest most powerful are you ready to learn the secret.

It’s … “FUCK IT” that is the greatest mantra, just say that mantra with the sense of you don’t care anymore if it comes, you know it’s already there.

No One Is Greater Than You.

The lie most of us believe, there is always someone greater than us. I’m to tell you that isn’t true. No Yogi, Priest or self proclaimed master can tell you different.

You are more powerful, more capable than you could possibly ever imagine.
Don’t recite it yourself like some new age, hippie law of attraction. It’s real, it’s true.

Know all these things, understand them, understand yourself.

“Know thy self”.




Always love your posts mang


Thank you for the helpful info. But maybe that should be the title ? The method you described is one way of doing magick… not how magick is done. Big difference.

Just a suggestion. Appreciate your guidance for beginners :+1:


Pretty much everything you laid out I have seen among most Covens, short of your sixth point.
Good basis.

Well advised.