Magick world

am trying to understand this magick system
and the different category

black magick category =

white magic category =

the natural path =

magick and tools category =
this what the magician can choose to do
-Soul Travel
-rituals & ceremonial
and other tools etc

please correct me if am wrong

i am trying to make a step by step guide to become a living GOD.
it seems to me like i have to learn the natural path first,
with different meditation practice and then choose my path ?

because it seems like magick in general have to do with the mind no-matter which path i take ,so i guess yoga different meditation method should be my first step right ?

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In my own Opinion all the Things you write can go in the Black Magick Category,
Since Black Magick in my Own Opinion is the Art and Science of Self-Deification, And there is an Infinite Number of Way to Achieve this.

You can do it By Yoga, i , for Instance use Yoga in my Black Magick Practice but With a Different Mind set(Instead of Trying to merge with God, i Become my own God), Or Any other Way that Works For you,

My Black Magick Practice include a lot of Work with the Element, Nature and The Earth as well as Many Healing Works both on myself and Other if they want so.

I consider Myself a Black Magician and Works with both Angels and Demons, And it Works Well for me.

Remember that these are just my own Opinions and Feel free to Think otherwise or Disagree with me on any points i written.

Best Regards!

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what type of different yoga meditation do you practice
and what type do you recommend for me to practice
so i can can get to my next level and pick my path.

I think that there’s a lot of blurry divisions in terms of magical systems. You should change it from nebulous categories like White or Black Magic which have varying understandings to a more organized and detailed method of arrangement.

It’s all about, “Can I get what I want?” :wink:

Please take a minute to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum, many thanks!

[quote=“checker, post:3, topic:7890”]what type of different yoga meditation do you practice
and what type do you recommend for me to practice
so i can can get to my next level and pick my path.[/quote]

I have a Set of Meditation given to me by Various Spirit that i am unable to Share and since these Meditation are designed specifically for me, they Probably would be useless to you.

I Practice Hatha Yoga to always Keep my Nadis Cleaned and Open

Since the LHP is a Path of Knowledge and Application of that Knowledge to Achieve what you want to Achieve,
I would suggest you to Learn to Master your Internal Universe and your Exterior Universe.

Learn to Know Yourself very Deeply, Work on your Weakness and Strength, Put your Priorities Both on the Material and ‘‘Spiritual’’ plane and Work to Achieve them.

For instance, If you Need to Learn to Control your Emotion in Order for you to Achieve your Goal, be it Material or not. Learn Meditation, Ritual etc… That will allow you to master your Emotion.

Yes - and we can help you best if you focus on the goal/s you hope to achieve from learning magick - scattershot questions about different techniques tend to be the type of things it would honestly take a book to answer - and may not get you closer to your goal!

By all means research these using the Search function, and of course, normal search engines, but it helps members here to help you, if you try to keep things a bit focused and specific.

Magick is about results, and staying focused on those might save you time and feeling overwhelmed, especially when it comes to the different methods used to contact spirits or build personal power.

Lots of people wonder about, “Best kind of magick” and the best answer is ALWAYS, define your goals! :slight_smile:

Some other useful things:

✦ there’s no rule on here against “thread necromancy” (finding a really old topic, and replying to it to ask a question or make a comment), so if you find a post from maybe 2012 using Search and want to reply, go for it - there’s some really good stuff buried away! :slight_smile:

✦ the older posts on this forum aren’t an infallible and complete guide to magick, so unlike some other forums, we don’t expect you to have read them all and verified that there’s nothing remotely like your question before asking.

However, using the Search function is advised, because it will save you time, and also, the number of people who will be logging in at any one time and have nothing better to do than reply in depth, when they’ve probably already posted their amazing experiences (and answered follow-up questions) and don’t wish to repeat themselves, will be smaller than the combined mass of topics covered here over several years, so don’t miss out by not using it! :slight_smile:

Shamanism isn’t really white, I think it doesnt really have a light or dark alignment as a system , I mean a goo sized portion of my system is based on it and I have used it to do some dark things sometimes. It’s like tool, you can use it for whatever you need it for.

Once you start building up a knowledge base, you’ll find your natural path category fits into your black and white categories, and black and white have aspects that cross over into the other. It’s far from cut and dried. Most LHP magickians know, or use, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Totally white light, right handed stuff, developed by the Golden Dawn. White lighters curse people. As Lady Eva said, it’s about results. RHP puts restrictions on what types of magick are acceptable. LHP allows free use of black, white, or grey. Whatever gets the job done. And no matter where you are on the color spectrum, the fundamental skills you need are the same.

This might be a good place for you to start:

Josephine McCarthy is a good egg. Yeah, she’s all white light and shit, but she knows her stuff, and she does a great job presenting the material. She has a good technique for meditation, and a good technique for learning Tarot, that I keep telling myself I’m going to try. Even if you only work through the first module or two, you should get something out of it.

Magick is about results, and staying focused on those might save you time and feeling overwhelmed, especially when it comes to the different methods used to contact spirits or build personal power.

That right there is the key to finding your own way through this.

The way you’re trying to wrap your head around magick is natural, but it just isn’t productive. The traditions and paths you mentioned don’t fit neatly inside the little boxes we would like them to.

I know I wasted a lot of time trying to find “the right path” for me rather than realizing I just needed to walk my own unique path.

i guess i can say now that magick is magick
black magick & white magic and all of them other cult does not exist
they are just different branches that focus on different subjects of magick

but i still think i cant just jump in the magick world and try all type of things without any rules ,i dont see enough rules and warnings from no subjects of magick

Start with the basics. Meditation is the most basic skill you need. Develop a daily routine of meditation. It will teach you to get into the calm state of mind you need to practice magick, and it will open your inner senses. Hand in hand with that, you can also start learning a system of divination, such as Tarot, I Ching, Runes, whatever system you feel comfortable with. You can also start doing research on Demons, Angels and Planetary Spirits. Find out who they are, what they do best, their attributes, etc.

they are just different branches that focus on different subjects of magick

You’re almost there. Sometimes the subjects will vary between paths, but that’s not the common element.

It’s the philosophy behind why the magick works and the ethics that change from path to path. The underlying mechanics seem to be universal from my own experiences.

Chef’s advice is extremely sound. It’s the path I’m taking and it’s already paying tremendous dividends.

I would also recommend you pick up the book “Energy Work” by Robert Bruce. It gives you a solid practical method for stimulating your energy body and learning to move energy with your awareness.

I know I appreciate the reality of what I’m experiencing much more strongly because of my past focus on energy work. It’s like awakening the sense of touch to the subtle energies we’re working with.

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I agree with Lady Eva. If magick, can’t give me what I want, I may as well use it as toilet paper.

There are certain rules in both the Physical, Social and Magickal World. Figuring out how they interact is half the battle, the other half is actually undergoing the process. If you are not getting results then you need to Re-Evaluate what you did or did not do right.

What do you want to use magick on?

Is there an outcome you badly want to get, where the general probability of it going your way is low? Because magick can reach some heights, but generally it’s simplest to use it to nudge the odds in your favour - your boss wakes up late, sneaks in the back way, and overhears the guy he was going to promote bitching about him to a colleague, so he promotes you instead - things like that, chains of cause > effect that don’t raise any eyebrows.

If you want to experience contact with spirits in a reasonably safe manner, I can send you a tutorial for a method that does that, and if you have a pressing need for a material result, then giving us some idea (you don’t have to be really detailed!) might help people steer you towards what worked for them, and they’ll know (because we’re not all reckless lunatics!) what the cautions and warnings are. :slight_smile:

Yeah when all is said and done RHP, LHP, Straight P, everyone has the same goals. Effect reality in your favor, period. If that means asking spirits to intercede on your behalf or using charms or your own personal power. The system method etc doesn’t matter it’s all the same goal, getting what you want out of life. The reason I think everyone gets into the research, terminology, etc of systems is that it’s an enjoyment. Feminists like lilith, nerds like Cthulu, American teenagers like Satan and so on. most of these systems appeal to some demographic or another. I also believe most people get into some of the supposedly “dark magick” necromancy etc. For the shock an awe factor of freak out fun time. I know that’s why I like it.

I really can’t find a straight answer anywhere on here…
I’m educated about a great many things… but I’m doing lbrp and middle pillar and tattawas and I want to intigrate yoga into it aswell.
My first evocation attempts were less than spectacular , I should have just spoken to orobas when he chose to speak with my an hour after I decided I wanted to work with him, he made his presence known with no doubt… But I had never made any attempt on evocation before and was very new to the subject and being extremely cautious and prudent… So with no protective circle? in fear I rejected him, told him to leave… and summoned him properly (forgetting an item the first time) and he never returned, except to electrocute me in my dreams as an answer to bothering him,.
I didn’t even know I was supposed to sit and wait for them to come sometimes… I’m throughly confused on the process… sometimes they appear sometimes don’t sometimes speak sometimes not. SO! Idk wtf
I have 300 books and none of them say the same thing… Some contradict eachother completely.

So… This time I’m not going to do this unprepared and uncentered… I need to be in tune with my energies and feelings enough to know when the evocation actually occurs…
My question, finally… Is. For someone who is completely new and raw at chakra work, I do middle pillar then lbrp… To get centered and sensitive to myself and the energies.
What yoga should I be practicing… and when. And how long should I practice…

my next evocation will be lady astaroth to help me awaken my spiritual abilities. I was in mk ultra and was drugged and “stimulated” into using advanced telepathy as a child… I was an extreme empath up until my early 20’s and it started to fade as my life became hell and addictions got out of control.
Sometimes I’m still extremely voltile and I need my spiritual center back… So I can start advancing in other areas and maintain better controll , I’m hoping for a reawakening of my telepathic or at least astral projection… I’m told astarte is the best to help with such things. But I want to get it right… I need the proper pre evocation preperations and in the right order… Everyone and every book says something different and it’s maddening. Please help.