Magick without supplies

So can i preform spells without the supplies needed to preform the ritual?

That is correct.

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Alternatively you can set up that same ritual within the astral or within meditation.

Ok so while i med i can achieve my goals thanks you for your quick response

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Mhm just visualize you doing the the ritual and saying the incantations step by step as if you were doing the ritual. With enough practice you should achieve similar results.

So visualize muself preforming ritual as if it was right in front of me…can i summon through same method

Yes you can. You can even have this sort of “temple” you go to whenever you like.

I can give you a meditation to “build” one if you like? Very short, very simple.

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Thank you that would be great

Like i said it’s short and to the point.

You basically want to visualize this area, be it a forest or a mountain to or in some weird dimension, whatever floats your banana.
See yourself in that desired area. How does it feel?
See a light come down. You push the light in front of you. You shape this light to be the temple, be it a large castle or a cottage, whatever you desire… the light immediately takes that shape and becomes that.

.that is the concept behind it all.