Magick without ritual?

So from what I’ve mainly seen, most practioners perform rituals for their results, be that for a evocation, money, love spell etc. But what about performing these things without a ritual? I have never performed a ritual and I certainly have had clear results from just using willpower.
So my question is, is there a difference in the potency of your Magick from using a ritual or without one, or is all this based off the operator themselves?

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Yes it is possible, its called the law of attraction, although this isnt the full explanation. The potency of a magickal ritual is dependent on the magickian.


It is not law of attraction as many would explain it. That misinterpretation while it plays some role is more a passive type of buff you have to build up. Most magick can be done without ritual and ritual in general is only used when massive amounts of power are needed or to deal with certain beings.
Direct manipulation of thought and energy is magick without ritual though those same techniques go into a ritual. A ritual is usually a more complicated make up of techniques and focus components to add extra power for a big effect. Conversely though most things people do rituals for they could with some practice get to where they spend five minutes amassing energy and intent into a simple servitor while out on a walk to do the job for them.

You’d be amazed what you can accomplish with simply Focus, will, and intent.


self manifestation can be done. Its precise…and a pain in the arse to be honest. Its a little thing I call Universe Domination. I tell the Universe what I want. I then forget about it. Usually its for money. However, Ive gotten so good at it that I have to monitor my thoughts to keep negative stuff out.


These are great, alot of knowledge here!
So can the same thing be said when evocating? I’ve called out to entitys before and iv felt their energy enter the room almost immediately, if I did a actual ritual to summon say Azazel would his presence be stronger in the room?

Ritual to me is a platform or blueprint for manifestation by sheer freaking will and alignment with the power you are calling on. It’s a conversation. A way to call forth the power ask it directly if it is willing to do something or in some cases direct it to do something. Again dependent on the right mindset by dropping mind and accessing your godself. Simple mundane thinking by moguls won’t do it. Law of attraction is nice in it’s basic explanation but does nothing without the assumption of directing your thoughts, similar to ritual in a sense

The whole purpose of ritual is to help properly channel your will into your workings. You can do a complex working without ritual, but any distraction could botch it if you aren’t careful. A ritual makes complex workings more reliable and easier to accomplish, purely by helping to guide your will.

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I think that pretty much answers my questions, I appreciate the great answers everyone!

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