Magick with other Worlds/Universes

I’m curious to know, has anyone else worked with contacting or seeing other worlds/universes? Not the spiritual realms but legitimately other universes. If so, what are your experiences and if not, what are your opinions on the matter?

I’ve never had that kind of experience, although I have seen signs mentioned by others that suggest it could be true, such as fictional characters visiting them in their dreams and giving them advice that helped them the next day. I’ve also seen people talk about successfully soul traveling to another universe.

As some might probably guess by my username, I like the show MLP:FiM, and I was thinking of soul traveling there some day. Some people warned that it is dangerous, but if I need to soul travel as part of my journey to becoming a living God, then I might as well use it to try to get to my favorite universe after all :slight_smile:

Edit: On the Occult Corpus forum, I’ve read stories of people evoking all kinds of fictional characters from Bugs Bunny to Beetlejuice.

Really? Hey! I don’t feel so retarded saying I hang out with anime & game characters any more <3

Not sure if I created or found it, but I know I’m constantly building onto it.

If you can evoke Belial or Valefor, they said they might show you how to get there. It’s called Tyria
Have fun and follow the rules they give you.

Some day I’ll look into that. Right now, I’m in the process of learning how to work with Martal so that I can begin my ascent towards Godhood.

Martal is the one to go with, I myself am working with him!

Will do, thanks ani.

I agree with you Discord, if one has the power might as well use it.

More research needs to be done.

I am really sticking my neck out here but I’ll swallow my pride enough to admit when I was much younger i had a astral experience with my ruling planet that is Saturn the only thing I remember being told was to not go in yet to what I found out is Cassini Division (thanks to Koetting & his books) I could not figure out at the time why I had such a intense dream but now BALG has pointed me in the right direction to go deeper and grow.

Congragulations GypsySoul, I wish you the best. Ani, I can say with some certainty that I visited Tyria or at least a part of it. Correct me if I’m wrong but there is a tall greyish castle built into or next to a taller mountain side and the culture there appears to be somewhat odd. Also there was a lake?sea?ocean? nearby in which I saw a glimpse of an unknown city. Unfortunately aside from a few other small details I cannot recall more.

Took me a bit to remember exactly where or what city that may have been

Either Luksworth castle on Malay Island (were there a lot of weird, monsters?)
or Hathaw castle in Lumex (it’s pretty much the Tyrian equivalent of Wallachia, Romania - under the rule of Vlad Dracula III- also known as Vlad the Impaler- this city would have looked to be from the middle ages)

I haven’t been to either of those in quite a while… I’m usually in Florencia, Roma, or Lanai beach

:EDIT: Oh! Or was it a more middle-eastern style place? That would have been Masyaf (thank you Assassin’s Creed)

:EDIT 2: fml, I keep thinking of other places it may have been… Why the hell did they have to build so many castles on/in mountains, in coastal areas and around lakes? TT-TT

Perhaps Hathaw castle? The style was european with a hint of modernity, I was reminded vaguely of the glamourised nobility balls. I am curious to know, is this one of the many astral realms?

I have no idea where it is, honestly.
The astral is my best guess.

Damn it! there’s so many places with that same description… I remember them more by the people and cultures…

Well, I will attempt to go there again to find out more. Thanks, for everything, will update on what I find. Btw Lord Valefor, I believe, will be able to better tell you where I’ve been.

No this happened many a years ago from what I saw was nothing but space it was black yet while sitting on the rings they themselves seemed to be particles of rock matter