Magick vs. Psychic powers

Ok so I was wonder what you guys think about this. Is magick and psychic powers one in the same or are they different. If they are different would it be possible to harness both kinds of power. For that fact do you even believe psychic powers are real.

They are the same, alot of what people call magic are things they do to condition their psychic powers to act in a certain way.

Agreeing with defectron. All these sorts of powers are doing the same sort of things, but they are doing it in different ways or approaching it from a different understanding.

It’s useful to have different approaches though, because your own belief shapes your effectiveness. For example, if you’re a very scientifically-minded person, the psionic way of thinking about this cause and effect method of reality manipulation is much more tenable than, say, worshiping some nearly-forgotten god - even if the result is the same, the method would not be. Likewise, a person growing up in Haiti or heavily African-spiritual culture would know that there is power in the Loa and the diaspora religious-systems - but qigong might be too incongruous to wrap their mind around. An atheist might have a very difficult time with Christian-mysticism, but just might connect with New Age practical spirituality and energy work.

There are a lot of different models for manipulating reality. While there likely is some overlap if one were able to get down to the very core of what is happening, the methodologies are indeed different. Different frameworks allow the operator to work in different ways. They are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

To answer your question about power - yes, if you can accept that a working method is actually a working method, you can learn the techniques they use to shape reality. Like defectron said, a lot of people use magick (and specifically evocation) in order to shape their psychic-type powers.

Ok well that is good to know. I’ve been interested in both psychic and magick powers for a long time now and have always wondered how they relate to each other.