Magick Under the Influence

I’ve been experimenting with doing kundalini meditation while high (strictly weed) and I find it’s easier for me to go in a trance state by the time I get to my Ajna chakra. I’m also more sensitive to energy and I literally felt what I perceived to be Lucifer’s arm resting on my shoulder while I was reading. I’ve had situations where I got so stoned that sex demons I had created with the help of Lilith would become slightly visible. I would feel their touch of inspiration as I composed music. It’s all round a great experience and I know some occultists are somewhat opposed to this but I find it works wonders for my individual practice.

Would love to hear experiences from anyone who has attempted something similar


“Psychedelics are simple a method to lift the veil.” - Terrence McKenna

There are a lot of people who solely only do their rituals while intoxicated or inebriated. I use LSD and DMT in some of my rituals but not because I need them, it just helps the over-all outcome be what I want or more profound when I learn what I need to learn.

Cannabis is an amazing thing however in terms of using it for magick, I don’t wholely recommend it unless the ritual requires little to no attention [meditation and cannabis go amazingly well together though.] The reason I don’t recommend it is because while it’s fun to perceive things differently, you also project things differently and usually don’t grasp the full rituals potential every time because again you’re stoned.

Eventually you can learn to pull that feeling 24/7 because it’s a memory tied to your brain.

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Facts! I like to stay sober during more formal rituals. Might fill up my chalice with wine but it’s usually after the main ceremony has been completed and serves as a great exit gateway. Psychedelics on the other hand are great and I’ve had a lot of spiritual breakthroughs implementing them in my practices

As far as drawing from the memory of being stoned I might have to look into that; it caught my attention and could prove to be useful :thinking: Much appreciated.